2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 18

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick will be opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas. We’ll also be sharing commentary on each one, which will be both insightful and hilarious!

This year we have new Harry Potter, Star Wars, City and Friends advent calendars to open. We will be sharing images of the new calendars every day through Christmas, and hope that you’ll join us! Let’s see what there is to open on Day 18.

Swooshing in from Hoth is a microscale snowspeeder, courtesy of the Star Wars advent calendar. From Harry Potter we get another Yule Ball accessory, a drink table.

Bart: Whoever said that chili peppers make excellent Christmas decorations, was wrong.

Chuck: Maybe they’re poinsettias?

Jasmine: Chili peppers aside, I’m impressed with the ice castle centerpiece!

Lino: While it was a failure at taking down AT-AT-s, this Snowspeeder had an eye for elaborate table settings.

CJ: I don’t know if this build has any special meaning for the Potter-verse, but as a stand alone holiday build I really like it! Those pyramid tiles in trans-clear are a great part to get, and there are more holiday greens to enjoy. A well earned holiday point as we close in on the end of the calendar. The tiny snow speeder is easily recognizable, and I like the emphasis on the tow cable gun.  No holiday points, though, even if Hoth is a very snowy place.

Benjamin: I see General Rieekan has Hoth ready for Life Day  celebrations.

After building the car from your City advent calendar, take a break next to the fire from Friends and drink some hot cocoa.

Lino: The Cybertruck wouldn’t be my first choice to take to the campsite but whatever.

Benjamin: Holiday bonfires are a tradition in many places, but I don’t know if saucer hot tubs are.

CJ: I like the colors on the car, but again there’s something about the tires that just doesn’t “read” right to me. That said, it fits in well with the rest of the City calendar. The small Friends camp fire is adorable, but the minifigure head as table confuses me. Is it  supposed to be a pot of cocoa maybe?

Bart: For a moment I thought the car was from the HP advent calendar. The camp site with the pot of cocoa is cute!

Mmmmmm. Nothing like relaxing next to the fire with god Friends. How’s the hot chocolate, Emma?

That completes Day 18 of the 2020 LEGO Advent Calendars. Come back tomorrow for more gift opening goodness!
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