The Brothers Brick’s top 10 most popular LEGO Features of 2019 [Feature]

In 2019, we covered a few feature-depth articles that explore a different side of the typical topics to uncover and share original and interesting stories within the LEGO community. If there’s any feature that you missed, here’s your chance for a revisit. We take a quick look back at the ten most popular feature articles of the year.

#10. Beryll Roehl and the beautiful world of LEGO test bricks

Beryll Roehl breathes beauty into LEGO history with photographs of test bricks. Learn more about test bricks and her work in this exclusive interview.

#9 LEGO Space Trivia and History: Take a look back at one of the most stellar LEGO themes

With the release of 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, now is a great time to look lack at the history LEGO Space sets. How well do you know your LEGO Space facts?

#8. LEGO Star Wars before the first LEGO Star Wars sets

Children and adults built LEGO Star Wars models long before the 1999 release of LEGO Star Wars sets. Were you among them and have any pictures to share?

#7. Celebrating LEGO Star Wars 20th anniversary with a stunning collection of more than 1,000 themed minifigures

We’ve taken an exclusive look inside the Star Wars exhibition in the History collection of the LEGO House, which includes the complete collection of LEGO Star Wars minifigures!

#6. The story behind the 1999 launch of LEGO Star Wars

Celebrate 20 Years of LEGO Star Wars with a look behind the scenes of its historic 1999 launch

#5. Which LEGO sets have the most part count of a single element?

Ever wondered which set has the most repeated element? Thanks to a Brickset forum user, dvdweyer we have an answer and visualised the findings for you to digest.

#4. These Hollywood stars love their LEGO minifigures

We all secretly wish we had our own LEGO minifigures, and it looks like Hollywood Stars feel the same way! We take a look at some of the actors and actresses and their interactions with their minifigure selves.

#3. This fan’s quest to build the perfect LEGO X-wing results in an amazingly accurate model

Has Mark Chan built the perfect LEGO X wing? You might be surprised at just how accurate Mark’s model is.

#2. Everything you want to know about the Star Wars Finch Dallow Minifigure replacement

We dug deep to find out everything we could about the new Finch Dallow replacement minifigure!

#1. World’s first AI-powered LEGO sorting machine built with 10,000 LEGO bricks 

Take a look at what Daniel West accomplished when he decided to create a solution to his sorting burdens with an AI-powered Universal LEGO Sorting Machine!

There you have it, our top 10 most popular feature article of 2019. We were ourselves quite surprised to see that half of them were related to Star Wars, which just validates that there’s still a huge fanbase of the franchise within the LEGO community.

If you like to see more of something you like, a particular topic you want us to explore, or simply to tell us about your favourite article, leave us a note in the comments and you can bet we’re reading them.