Build your own LEGO transforming microscope [Instructions]

Do you own a copy of Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech from The LEGO Movie 2? Would you like to take that set from a 2-in-1 build to a 5-in-1? Alan Yap has investigated the possibilities and discovered there is more to this set than meets the eye. By rearranging parts, you can make a microscope that transforms into both a hovertank AND a sweet, sweet robot. This is alternate building at its finest and, best of all, you can build it too thanks to Alan’s instructions!

The microscope form alone is enough reason to feature this alternate build. The couch’s seats have been reworked nicely into the stand, and the mech’s greebly bits give the body some real-world texture. I like the use of the Technic gears for the lens and claws as clamps on the stage.

LEGO Transformer Microscope from set 70842

The hovertank mode is similar to the microscope in shaping, but you can feel that transformation goodness starting to happen. The expert use of ball joints and other creative connections means that you can switch between these alternate modes without rebuilding. This mode highlights a suddenly dangerous-looking coffee cup.

LEGO Transformer Microscope from set 70842

The real star of this build is the robot mode. Microscopes have been a part of Transformers lore since 1985’s Perceptor. I like to think of this robot as a escalation of that theme – the next generation of scientist/Autobot ready to do the right thing.

LEGO Transformer Microscope from set 70842

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  1. Ricecandy

    This changes everything. I thought that outside of apocalypseburg, that pretty much all of the LEGO movie 2 sets were garbage.

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