The LEGO Movie 2 70842 Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech [Review]

Even though it’s been out for a little while, we got our hands on a copy of set 70842 Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech, and figured, why not take a closer look? Let’s dive right in and see how comfy those cushions really are! At $29.99, you’ll be hard-pressed to buy a cheaper brand new couch. Of course, some assembly is required; it consists of 312 pieces and 3 minifigures. (We don’t recommend sitting on this one though)

The box contents and instructions

The set includes three unnumbered polybags and two instruction booklets depicting two possible models.

Something to note right away is that there is a nice handful of medium blue pieces in this set. And even better, it has a few new parts! Most obvious is the medium blue 2×2 – 1×2 centered bracket, which is new for this year and currently only available in medium blue in this set. On top of that, the light bluish grey claws only come in one other new set. Perhaps most surprising to discover is that there are two bar/ladder elements that are being seen for the very first time in reddish brown. Surprisingly, these elements have been around for a long time in various other colors except for reddish brown.

The build

In general, the build is pretty simple. As (almost) always, LEGO has delivered a sturdy and compact little mech. Essentially, it’s broken into a few dense chunks that connect via clips and ball joints. Interestingly, when starting out we are directed to place clips in the center of the body, but they never actually clip to anything as we progress through the build. Apparently they’re just there for detail, but it feels like something’s missing…

This set would certainly make for a fun little speed build because it can be hammered out in less than 10 minutes, yet the sections are just diverse enough to keep it interesting.

The finished model

When complete, the mech stands about 6 inches tall, and, with joints all over, has lots of posing potential.

The ladders for the triple-decker couch are built into wing-like structures in the back. It’s a cute way to use them, but they are actually a little awkward. They don’t look quite right in their folded position, and they look worse unfolded. You’re not going to get very far with hole-laced wings either! That said, they each attach to the body with a pneumatic T and can spin in different directions, which gives them more functionality with a little imagination.

Somewhat atypical for sets like this, it’s actually a “2 in 1” and provides instructions to build the Triple-Decker Couch that the mech is based off of. The added playability of taking it apart and rebuilding it as something else is nice, but it falls short for something that gives off a solid Transformer vibe. If you were curious, no, there isn’t the slightest hint that the two models can transform between each other. It’s a missed opportunity, especially because Emmet’s line in the movie even exclaims that the couch is convertible.

The alternate build is plain and repetitious, and is almost identical to the “Double-Decker Couch” from the last movie, with an extra layer on top. However, we can’t be too critical considering that’s exactly the point of a “triple-decker” couch.

The craziest part, though, is what’s left behind when you build the “B” model. The couch consumes only half of the pieces that the mech does. It’s true, in the movie Emmet finds additional parts to modify his couch, but dang… The box art only shows a few extra pieces. (Now, this could be spun more positively: Yay! So many extra parts to build something random and cool to go with my couch!)

The minifigures

The set comes with three figs: General Mayhem, Rampage Kitty, and Emmet.

General Mayhem, AKA Sweet Mayhem, may be one of the coolest minifigures of all time. This chick is freaking rad. It’s easy to dislike minidolls for not fitting the usual minifigure mold. Legs that don’t move independently are pretty lame, for example. But wow; whoever designed her should be proud. The face print, with that sly smirk, not only looks great, but it also embodies the sweet and sassy nature of a preteen girl (exactly what the movie was trying to achieve). The flashy hair follows suit and wouldn’t be the same without that awesome iridescent coloring. Hats off to the creative license of the directors and animators of The LEGO Movie 2 for that gem.

Moving on, the white phaser pistol is unique to this character, only showing up in a couple sets. The helmet is exceptional and fits on a standard minifig, and the dual-molded armor and wings are also excellent. As with many things in the Systar System, all the trans-blue parts of her outfit are glitter-fied. Sadly, the shoulder pads do not fit on a standard minifig. The neck pin on a minidoll is skinnier, and therefore the hole is too narrow to even attempt on a regular fig. Oddly enough though, the armor is almost obnoxiously loose-fitting. While most minifigure armor is snug to the body, this element jiggles around like a loose tooth. Still, even though that’s frustrating, there’s no denying that Sweet Mayhem is an awesome character and fig.

As an aside, there are symbols written on the shoulder of her armor as well as her chest underneath. These symbols come up in quick flashes a couple times elsewhere in the movie. It is unclear what they mean and our initial attempts to find an answer have been fruitless. We hypothesize that this may be part of a similar code to the one found in the LEGO Ninjago Movie line. It’s hard to imagine LEGO writing something that means nothing. If you have any ideas or proof of an answer, let us know in the comments!

Naturally, Emmet’s Triple Decker Couch Mech would not be complete without the man himself. There is not really a lot to say about his fig, which we’ve seen several times over. In the new movie, Emmet’s clothes are worn and scratched from living in Apocalypseburg for 5 years. He has a two-sided face, with one side looking determined while the other sports his usual carefree smile.

Finally we have Unikitty, otherwise known in this set as Rampage Kitty. While we know the character has a plethora of facial expressions, this particular fig only comes with one, looking quite angry. She has a few other nice pieces, like the red horn and the dark bluish grey 1×3 printed plate. This was a really great use of the brush element for her tail. That part in red, along with the antenna that holds it as well as her face, are all new and unique to this set.

Conclusion and recommendation

Something intriguing about this model is that the one in the movie has several differences. At first glance they are identical, but if you pause the film, you can see that many aspects have been changed for the creation of the set (probably for the sake of production cost, part count, and efficiency). In some ways, the movie model is preferable in terms of aesthetics. The “blades” on his left fist, for example, are arguably cooler than those in the set. The addition of the ski elements on the forearms is a nice touch too. For the controls, the coffee cups are closer together and attached at their bases, allowing Emmet to hold the handles. In the physical model, they attach at the handle and are too far apart, making it impossible for a fig to grab hold.

There are actually numerous differences, and it’s fun to look back and forth to find them all. Let us know in the comments how many you can find!

Even with all of the differences, the physical model is still pretty nice. At first, $29.99 USD seems a bit steep, but it does fall under $0.10 per piece (the unofficial standard for determining if the value is worth it). There are a few nice parts if you’re looking for a parts pack. Sweet Mayhem can be found in other sets, but she’s definitely a plus in this one. And if you’re trying to get every Unikitty expression, this is your only shot at this specific print. (Assuming you don’t just buy it via the secondary market.)

If you’re considering this set for a child, we’d give it a thumbs up for sure. Poseability equals playability and there is plenty of that. A secondary build with lots of extra pieces sparks imagination and encourages longer playtime. Also, the wonderful thing about The LEGO Movie 2 is that it merges worlds. In the Systar System, minifigures and minidolls can play together and girls are kick-butt rockstars too. This set, along with others in the line, reminds kids (and all of us) to be open-minded in more ways than one.

70842 Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech is available now. You can find it on LEGO Shop online for $29.99USD, $39.99CAD, and £24.99 in the UK. 

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick a copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review does not guarantee coverage or positive review.

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    There’s an entire Systrian alphabet that was revealed at the TLM2 exhibit at Lego House. All of the symbols on the the various Systar sets are decipherable (for example, the wing on Mayhem’s ship reads ‘Tantrum’).

    The symbols on her armor and tunic just read ‘SM/1’, her initials and rank.

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