This golem runs like clockwork

Some things run like clockwork, and sometimes the clockwork is what makes you run. Taking inspiration from Dishonored 2, Return to Oz and D&D characters, Paddy Bricksplitter brings us a Clockwork Golem that is both elegant and menacing. This streamlined build demonstrates that you don’t always need a ton of parts to make an exceptional LEGO model. The black and gold of the main body are accented by splashes of white and grey. Gold plant stems are used for both shoulder ornaments and decoration on the checkerboard base.

Clockwork Golem

A bit of dark pink ties the central clock into the piercing eyes. At first, I thought those eyes were made from Friends lipstick with the ends cut off, but Paddy assures me that that’s just how the bottom of that piece looks due to the dual molding. And that they would never cut any pieces. We’ll have to look elsewhere for the inspiration behind the giant scissors for hands. Although… maybe we’re better off just not knowing.

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  1. Purple Dave

    It’s true. The lipstick color extends into the base. It seems really weird to do it that way, but I have a theory on why they did. If the lipstick is molded before the outer tube, this may be done as a way to ensure that the lipstick is still fully seated in the molds prior to running the second shot. So, the mold clamps together and the lipstick is formed. Half of the mold where the tube will be added unclamps and retracts, and a different section is pushed into place to mold the tubes. Because the lipstick extends all the way to the base, the tube mold actually pushes on the formed lipstick, and if any of them have managed to slip out of the mold even a tiny bit, this forces them right back in. If they’d allowed the tube to form a cap over the base instead, that would leave room enough for a lipstick to unseat in the mold. I’m not sure if that would result in a “retracted” lipstick, or if it would destroy the shot by forcing the lipstick back in with the tube plastic as it’s forced into the mold at high pressure (keeping in mind that the tube plastic will pretty much instantly fuse to the lipstick on contact, so any shift in the lipstick will result in the tube moving along with it).

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to sand the studs off a 1×2 Technic brick w/ axle-hole (no, seriously, I actually need to do that because the Demogorgon hat won’t seat properly if I add a 1×2 tile like I’d originally intended).

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