All aboard the tiniest Hogwarts Express

Just in time to bring a fresh batch of students to LEGO’s new Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, this excellent microscale train by David Zambito jets across the English countryside in fine fashion. While the bright red engine and cars are most eye-catching, there are lots of easy to miss details throughout the rest of the build, including the intricately detailed track, made of rods for rails and upended tiles for ties. It may be a fragile construction, but it looks spectacular. Of course, the smoke from the engine must be mentioned, too, as it’s made of white robot arms and looks perfectly wispy.

Hogwarts Express

This LEGO model was built as an entry for TBB’s Microscale Magic contest. Coverage on TBB of an entry will not be taken into consideration during judging, and will have no effect on its ability to win, either positively or negatively.

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