Incredible LEGO diorama of London has everything from Parliament to the London Eye

At a glance, this view of London hardly looks like a LEGO model at all. Even though the scale is tiny, builder Rocco Buttliere has packed it with amazing details. Encompassing the famous landmarks on both sides of the Thames, the giant model features the London Eye, County Hall, Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. Rocco has long been known as the master of LEGO architectural models, from downtown Chicago to the humble Rosenwald apartments, and even a 12-foot long Golden Gate Bridge, and this new architectural masterpiece easily stands with the best of them.

The layout sits on an irregular base centered around Westminster Bridge.

While the ski poles make great streetlights, I love how perfectly the sand green wheel arches work for the bridge spans.

The London Eye is suspended from a single point, just like the real one, and can spin freely. Amazingly, Rocco says the spokes are made of a single piece of string that tensions the whole wheel together.

The London Eye has 32 passenger capsules.

County Hall is a masterful work of incorporating tiny details. Of particular note are Rocco’s clever element uses that incorporate parts like microphones, a Ninjago bowl, and the undersides of plates. My favorite detail, however, has to be the “giant” kitten standing in for a lion.

Moving across the Thames to the south bank, beautiful models of Parliament and Westminster Abbey sit side by side.

The ornate architecture of the Houses of Parliament are quite a challenge to recreate in any scale, but Rocco’s model is instantly recognizable. In the back, a fantastic little model of Big Ben stands proudly, less than half the size of the official LEGO Big Ben set.

Rocco mixes old and new greys and even a bit of silver to create the weathered exterior of Westminster Abbey.