12-foot-long LEGO Golden Gate Bridge is realistically suspended

Microscale architecture builder Rocco Buttliere has achieved a remarkable feat of LEGO engineering with his 40,000+ piece model of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Like the actual suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate strait, Rocco’s beautiful and highly detailed LEGO rendition crosses its 6 foot long central span suspended by a combination of red string, Technic bushings, LEGO flexible hoses, and non-LEGO metal wire.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Rocco’s LEGO model even includes the buildings and landscaping of the Presidio in Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge

See more photos of Rocco’s incredible LEGO Golden Gate Bridge on Flickr.

1 comment on “12-foot-long LEGO Golden Gate Bridge is realistically suspended

  1. TheNargrath

    Really impressive and has a strong feel of the real thing. (The only thing out of place is the slight upward bow in the middle section of the roadway.)

    Begin down at Fort Point really does have that sort of feel that you see in the last shot. The bridge looks imposing and magnificent.

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