Incredible RC LEGO Jeep is motorized, loaded with details and ready for the perfect weekend getaway

There’s nothing as great as turning your wheels off the asphalt, finding a high trail that’s little more than a path, and then driving all the way to the peak for a breathtaking view. This incredible LEGO Jeep Rubicon by Scott is so perfect it leaves me yearning for some true offroading and alpine adventure. One of the most complex models I’ve seen in a long time, this RC offroader features insane details like functioning door locks and a working glove box, plus it’s loaded to the gills with trail gear.

Skid Plate, Exhaust Headers, Grille Guard

Check out a video of this Jeep in action below, along with more pictures.

The first thing you notice about this rad Jeep is that it’s got more ground clearance than a Mercedes Unimog. Sitting on the giant wheels from that LEGO Technic set, this Jeep can get over any obstacle.

Modified Jeep Rubicon

Of course, it’s no good getting somewhere if you’ve got nothing to do once you get there. The Jeep comes with everything you’d need for a weekend far from cell reception.

Roof Rack And Hood Details

Rolled Soft Top & Dirt Bike Rack

IR Sensor Access

The amount of intricately designed gear stuffed into this offroader is mind-boggling.


Even the backpacks, which blend into the plethora of accouterments strapped to every surface in the Jeep, are amazing. Scott uses LEGO cloth and a brick frame to construct a life-like knapsack.

Backpack Detail

Of course, should you find a trail too narrow for even a Jeep, there’s even a second mode of vehicular transportation. This nifty little dirtbike is a worthy model on its own.

Dirt Bike 1

Turning back to the vehicle underneath the mountain of sporting gear, the Jeep itself is a phenomenal build. The engine compartment has a false bottom which conceals a removable battery box.

Engine, Battery Box Access

The interior features sliding bucket seats and as much functionality as a real Jeep.

Interior 1

Interior 4

Even details like the center console haven’t been overlooked.

Center Console

Underpinning it all is an intricate Technic frame supporting the Power Functions systems and allowing the Jeep to be remotely controlled.