2018 LEGO set images for LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes, Creator, City and Technic revealed [News]

Official images of a selection of early 2018 LEGO sets have been released, including LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes, Creator, City and Technic sets due for release. The details include the set number and part count or pricing in some cases,  but not all the information has been released as yet. There are a couple of interesting sets in particular with 31081 Modular Skate House within the Creator theme, and 42074 Racing Yacht from the Technic line-up.

Images for three sets from LEGO DC Comics Superheroes have been released.

76097 Lex Luthor Mech Takedown, $39.99

76098 Speed Force Freeze Pursuit, $29.99

76096 Superman & Krypto Team-Up, $19.99

The LEGO Creator Line up includes a fun looking mini-modular build 31081 Modular Skate House and a selection of vehicles including a stunt plane, racing car and a 4×4 outback explorer jeep-like vehicle.

31081 Modular Skate House, 422 pcs

31075 Outback Adventure, 225 pieces

31076 Daredevil Stunt Plane, 200 pieces

As well as an impressive looking racing yacht, there are three other vehicles including a bulldozer and two cars powered by pullback motors within the Technic line-up.

42074 Racing Yacht, 330 pieces

42071 Dozer Compactor, 171 pieces

42072 WHACK!, 139 parts


The City 2018 sets include a mixture of vehicles and their accoutrements from  Mountain Police, Medical and Traffic sections.

60173 Mountain Arrest, 303 pieces

60172 Dirt Road Pursuit, 297 pieces

60179 Ambulance Helicopter, 190 pieces

60180 Monster Truck, 192 pieces

60182 Pickup & Caravan, 344 pieces

60183 Heavy Cargo Transport, 310 pieces

60181 Forest Tractor, 174 pieces

5 comments on “2018 LEGO set images for LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes, Creator, City and Technic revealed [News]

  1. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    Awesome huh @ The Anonymous Hutt! Even better is the new part in that set – the beehive :-)

  2. Purple Dave

    @The Anonymous Hutt:

    It is actually a bit surprising. Given the tub, the spilled water, the scrub brush, and the claw marks, it seems pretty clear that this dude was just mixing his own business at his little hermitage, taking his hobo bath, when that ferocious beast attacked him and scratched him all up. You’d think between that and the bear that also happens to be in the area, he would have been more concerned with his safety than his modesty.


    Hey, now. It’s just a minifig. Try not to get _too_excited, there.

  3. Taylor Connell

    OMG, that Outback Adventure . . I have seen real-life off-roaders that look worse than that thing. And, even though it only includes one minifigure, it can seat two! To say nothing of the assortment of interesting parts used.

    As for the Mountain Arrest . . . yay, “another” helicopter. But is that an official beehive piece I spy on the little shack there? Also, while I know everyone loves a new police station about as much as they love a new helicopter, I actually really hope they come out with a ‘Mountain Police Station’ this year. My Winter Village needs a law presence, and I’ve been hoping and waiting for a Mountain City line.

    The Forest Tractor also looks like it’ll be right at home in my Winter Village . . actually, a lot of this stuff does. All I’m gonna need is a bit more snow.

    Finally, I have to say I’m a little curious as to what they were thinking with the Modular Skate House. While Modular Buildings are fun and I certainly approve of continuing the line into the foreseeable future . . . it just looks incredibly abstract and unrealistic . . . though maybe the rebuilds will surprise me? Either way, it also looks interesting, so I’m hopeful that a better look at it will also prove it worthy of my time and money. ^^

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