“Your test times show you are going too slowly.”

I have to admit that I’ve never played the popular video game Portal or any of its sequels, but I like to think I know a good diorama when I see one. I’ve been entirely too verbose this weekend, so I’ll just let this lovely image by eldeem do the talking. I will say that I really like the lift-arms under the platform, and the placing of the various elements in this shot is perfect.

Your test times show you are going too slowly.

According to the Ryan you can even actually play this course yourself, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Portal 2 Testchamber: Overall View

The Companion Cube featured in this diorama was designed by Gaelen Mibeck (MooseBot) and used with permission by the builder.

Portal Weighted Companion Cube breakdown

As always it has been a pleasure being your weekend DJ here at TBB. Until next time, the long distance dedication line and the first time caller line remain open.

8 comments on ““Your test times show you are going too slowly.”

  1. 4estFeller

    ^No there’s just Portal and Portal 2.

    But Keith, this is just one of the anticipation-building preview shots leading up to the yet-to-be-posted main pic.

  2. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^^ You caught me being lazy, I just assumed a game that is as popular as Portal and that has been out for so long would have more than one sequel.

  3. Keith Goldman Post author

    ^ Yeah, I realize this isn’t the yet to be posted main photo, but I’m not into being teased…at least where LEGO is concerned, and I happen to like this shot. File it under more evidence of my late-night laziness. If another Brother does not cover the main photo after it’s big reveal, I will amend this post. Sorry Ryan, if I ruined your presentaton.

  4. Ryan H.

    ^Not at all! I don’t really consider these to be teasers; I like to think that these are the “actual” photos, whereas the one I’ll post tomorrow is sort of just wrapping it all up :)

  5. Andrew

    Non-WIP teasers are dumb — from a viewer’s standpoint, you never know when something is “done” (and thus, for bloggers like us, ready to be highlighted). Glad that’s not what you were doing, Ryan. ;-)

  6. Chris

    WIP teasers are dumb, too, unless you’re trying to get critiques. In which case, it’s not a teaser.
    Great model, though, Ryan, and of course great subject. I’m glad you chose a large enough scale to capture all the details without having them ridiculously oversized.

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