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7684 Pig Farm & Tractor includes 4 porkers, out now [Mini-Review]

Perhaps a bit buried among the news about the release of 10211 Grand Emporiumicon and LEGO Board Games is that the new LEGO City set 7684 Pig Farm & Tractoricon is also out now.


I’m certainly excited by these other new releases, but it says something that I’m choosing to build the pig farm first. Seriously, pigs! Four of them! Mmmmm, bacon…

UPDATE: I just finished building the set, and it didn’t disappoint. Aside from the pigs, the set also includes a number of other parts I hadn’t gotten before, starting with the short-brimmed baseball cap and a new exhaust pipe piece that appears to be new in 2010.

The tractor includes a lot of nice lime green to complement your Power Miners acquisitions, as well as my favorite wheels and tires. For play value, it has several connection points compatible with attachments from 7637 Farm and 7634 Tractor.

Pork!And finally, the elephant (or pig) in the room — the inevitable comparison to BrickForge pigs.

As you can see from the set pictures, the LEGO pigs are similar in style to the new LEGO cows from the farm and 10193 Medieval Market Village.icon They’re more rounded, and to a certain extent more realistic than traditional LEGO animals like the dog and horse (with printed eyes and rounded bellies).

BrickForge pigs, cows, and sheep share their design aesthetic with the older LEGO animals. Depending on whether you prefer your animals more consistent with your older LEGO animals or more adorably pot-bellied, there’s still a place for both BrickForge animals and their official LEGO counterparts. I like both.

Latest BrickForge items include printed military headgear, saw, cleaver [News]

BrickForge has just released a huge new batch of minifig accessories, starting with headgear printed to add realism to the helmets and berets. The new medium-blue helmets are printed with “UN” and the dark green berets are printed with a military badge

BrickForge UN helmet BrickForge UN helmet

Other new items include:

See photos of all the new items in the BrickForge Store.

BrickForge releases “UN” helmets, mushrooms, lots of new colors [News]

BrickForge military helmetOne of the themes we’ll be incorporating into the final Zombie Apocafest is “Victory!” If last year’s display represented the outbreak and chaos that would follow a zombie pandemic, we’ll arrange this year’s display to include the human counterattack, victory, and even reconstruction.

To that end, we’ve worked with BrickForge on a way to unify the organized human resistance. And what’s more iconic of multi-national military forces than the blue headgear of the United Nations?

BrickForge beretBrickForge’s Military Helmet and Beret are now available in Medium Blue. The Brothers Brick will be handing out a bunch to those of you who bring military minifigs, but you can of course order more from BrickForge.com.

Through Tuesday, September 22 at 11 PM Eastern, if your order includes any medium blue headgear, BrickForge will automatically upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority (applies to domestic US orders only). This ensures that you get your helmets and berets in time for BrickCon 2009.

While you’re at it, you might want to include some of the great new colors and items BrickForge has just released. I’m particularly pleased to see that the mushrooms BrickForge teased us with at BrickFair are now available.

BrickForge mushroom BrickForge mushroom BrickForge mushroom BrickForge mushroom

Shrooms are available in six colors, and don’t miss all the other items BrickForge has released in new colors.

Five new colors available from BrickForge

BrickForge, the custom minifig accessories shop, has five new colors available including yellow, dark green, purple, transparent green, and dark bluish gray (dark bley). This means that now you can now get your custom items in a total of 20 colors! In addition, several colors have been restocked including the coveted chrome silver.

In addition, BrickForge has announced the release of 12 new products at BrickWorld. If you can’t make it to the convention, we’ll bring you a first look at these new items!

2009 BrickForge accessories include stone tools and particle gun [Review]

As someone obsessed with archaeological LEGO, the new BrickForge accessories for 2009 make me happy.

The Tribal Spear works perfectly as a scalloped obsidian blade from the Neolithic — just the sort of weapon for cavemen to take down a mastodon or mammoth:

LEGO Neolithic minifigs with BrickForge Tribal Spears

The Tribal Sword is designed to resemble the Aztec macahuitl, inspiring me to give my Aztec god minifigs some Aztec warriors:

LEGO Aztec warriors with BrickForge macahuitl

Of course, not all of the new BrickForge accessories are stone implements.

The Plasma Blaster and Crowbar enable LEGO fans to build video game minifigs like Master Chief from Bungie’s Halo and Gordon Freeman from Valve’s Half-Life:

LEGO Master Chief and Gordon Freeman minifigs

The Goblin Sword and Goblin Shield allowed me to update my Uruk Hai minifigs from Lord of the Rings. What horde of orc minifigs would be complete without a Saruman minifig? Saruman wields a Sorcerer Staff.

LEGO Uruk Hai minifigs LEGO Saruman minifig

LEGO riot policeThe new Nightstick (right) combines with the older Military Helmet and Round Shield to create a policeman in riot gear.

Finally, the Particle Gun and Particle Pack (below) work beautifully for Ghostbusters. With multiple connection points like the Megagun, both of these new BrickForge accessories can hook up hoses or whatever else you can think of:

LEGO Ghostbusters minifigs

I have quite the backlog of ideas for musical minifigs, so I couldn’t decide which one to highlight BrickForge’s microphone. I’ll get to that new accessory later…

With so many things to inspire interesting minifigs, this may be my favorite batch of BrickForge accessories so far. All of the new stuff is available in both black and gray (though I still prefer BrickForge’s black accessories over their gray).

See all of the new items (except the microphone) in my BrickForge photoset on Flickr, and check out the BrickForge website for the full line of custom accessories.

BrickForge releases 11 new items

Just today, BrickForge announces 11 new items available at their shop; adding to their community of 64 unique minifig accessories.

Staying true to their roots BrickForge offers three new fantasy-style elements; the Goblin Sword, Goblin Shield and Sorcerer Staff, which provide opportunity to equip villains as they rise up against the allied forces of good.

Next are two historical accessories – the Tribal Sword & Tribal Spear are perfect for arming your indiginous natives as they defend their villages against invading conquistadors or plundering pirates.

Further down the list a new Equipment category was added to accomodate a few more utilitarian devices. The Nightstick helps keep the peace while the more menacing Crowbar may be used for more….salacious nefarious purposes. The Microphone is a simple way to showcase your favorite musical idol or give that city creation more hustle by adding a custom news crew.

Finally, a new sci-fi inspired weapon joins the MegaGun to help balance things out. The Plasma Blaster is a compact personal defense device, great for alien invasion or cosmic justice. And rounding out the release are two items bound to become fan favorites. A new backpack called the Particle Pack adds a bit more detail to an ordinary minifig and features a rear, hollow connection point as well as a side-mounted connection point and peg desgined to accomodate a variety of hoses or similar elements. The Particle Gun is a type of hand-held wand, rumored to discharge deadly streams of energy. The Particle Gun is also built with standard connection points – promoting modularity and allowing it to holster onto the Particle Pack.

Be sure to stop by BrickForge and check’em out and stay tuned for another Brothers-Brick exclusive review coming soon!

New colors from BrickForge

Recently, Brickforge has released their quality custom minifig accessories in new colors including sand green, tan, blue, and transparent blue.

Some items are exclusive to BrickForge forum members, so sign up today to purchase stuff such as the tan space marine accessories and more.

Starting December 1st, the colors green and orange will be available. Come back then to get your favorite accessories in these new colors. In fact, check back during December for releases of 11 new items!

Keep your eyes peeled for future releases of more transparent colors!