Brickforge new items available [News]

If you drooled over the preview of Brickforge‘s new items in our recent review, now’s the time to crack open your piggybank and start shopping because Brickforge has these new items available for purchase on their reformatted website.

12 comments on “Brickforge new items available [News]

  1. Dan

    Love the new stuff, and the site is a big improvement. I just wish all the colors on the site were available for all the items. Things like the excellent pauldrons… only bronze and silver for segmented, but the round ones have lots of colors… though not bronze!?! Will be placing an order soon, but would order much more if I had more color options.

  2. JK

    I hope they have more cuz i just checked, and they have about 79 sand green space marine torso armor pieces. Please have more!

  3. Aaron

    I’m glad I snagged mine already on day one. I figured they would be gone by day 2. The sand Green ones anyways.

  4. theestampede

    just ordered mine, a crap load of red and blue space marines, yay, now the waiting begins

  5. obxcrew

    I was most excited about the new ‘Turbans,’ myself, so I bought three of them in white. To round out the minimum order I also purchased a sand green ‘Space Marine’ set and enough items to kit out a pair of gladiators. :D

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