It Goes Fast

Otto's dunebuggy

Otto (.Otto) presents this very nifty Dunebuggy. It features a lot of interesting (and probably weak) connections and Otto’s usual stripped back stylings. It also goes fast.

5 comments on “It Goes Fast

  1. Andrew

    You raise an interesting point about weak connections.

    I have never (even as a child) actually played with what I built — that was my little brother’s job, after I was done with the serious business of building. Despite the fact that I don’t really build for playability, sturdiness continues to be one of my criteria for a successful build (of my own).

    I kind of wish that my brain worked a bit differently, because I just can’t seem to visualize these kinds of connections on my own.

  2. Gambort Post author

    I certainly don’t bother much with sturdiness but, like you, this style of building isn’t a regular part of my repertoire. I do like it though.

  3. Otto

    Thanks for the blog Tim! I also don’t worry too much about sturdiness. To me sturdiness is just an added bonus.

    It was a pain with the connections on this model in the beginning but after I got everything sorted out and properly in place it actually ended up being pretty sturdy athough it doesn’t look it. Strangely enough the weakest part would be the rollcage around the cockpit. On one side of the technic pin (where the lights are on top of) there’s some flex tubing – it kept falling back when I was moving it!

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