BrickForge releases 11 new items

Just today, BrickForge announces 11 new items available at their shop; adding to their community of 64 unique minifig accessories.

Staying true to their roots BrickForge offers three new fantasy-style elements; the Goblin Sword, Goblin Shield and Sorcerer Staff, which provide opportunity to equip villains as they rise up against the allied forces of good.

Next are two historical accessories – the Tribal Sword & Tribal Spear are perfect for arming your indiginous natives as they defend their villages against invading conquistadors or plundering pirates.

Further down the list a new Equipment category was added to accomodate a few more utilitarian devices. The Nightstick helps keep the peace while the more menacing Crowbar may be used for more….salacious nefarious purposes. The Microphone is a simple way to showcase your favorite musical idol or give that city creation more hustle by adding a custom news crew.

Finally, a new sci-fi inspired weapon joins the MegaGun to help balance things out. The Plasma Blaster is a compact personal defense device, great for alien invasion or cosmic justice. And rounding out the release are two items bound to become fan favorites. A new backpack called the Particle Pack adds a bit more detail to an ordinary minifig and features a rear, hollow connection point as well as a side-mounted connection point and peg desgined to accomodate a variety of hoses or similar elements. The Particle Gun is a type of hand-held wand, rumored to discharge deadly streams of energy. The Particle Gun is also built with standard connection points – promoting modularity and allowing it to holster onto the Particle Pack.

Be sure to stop by BrickForge and check’em out and stay tuned for another Brothers-Brick exclusive review coming soon!

9 comments on “BrickForge releases 11 new items

  1. Jai

    Ahaha! Seeing that horrible Hutt baby used as a Slimer equivalent completely made my day. That’s a perfect use for it.

    And I love the equipment, tribal weapons, and backpack. Very nice stuff.

  2. peterlmorris

    LOL! Particle pack and particle gun. I knew what those were the instant my eyes hit them. Fan-freakin’-tastic! I have got to check that stuff out. Been wanting a mega-gun for a while now, but I couldn’t justify only ordering those.

    Where do these stairs go?

  3. Shmails

    So why did I spend months figuring out a proton pack? Doh! As always, the BF accessories look fantastic

  4. Legeaux

    “…the more menacing Crowbar may be used for moreā€¦.salacious purposes.”

    Salacious? I do not think it means what you think it means.

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