Home One – 7 ft. Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

Thomas Benedikt unveils a most spectacular mega model from Star Wars: the Home One Mon Calamari cruiser. This 7 feet long creation features an integrated lighting system that adds an effect of unbelievable realism. I cannot imagine the time and skills involved in such a feat.

These impressive stats further confirm that this model will go down in LEGO legends:

– Piece Count: 30,500
– Length: 260 Studs or 208 cm or 6’10” (82 inches)
– Width: 48 cm (Max)
– Height: 28 cm (Max)
– Weight: 52 lbs (Approximate)
– Material Cost: $5500 US.

Visit MOCpages to read about the designing and buiding process of this incredible creation.

For more pictures, check out the gallery on Brickshelf.

Thanks to Shannon Young for the awesome find.

13 comments on “Home One – 7 ft. Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

  1. Benjamin P

    This thing is amazing. The length especially. And then it lights up too!
    This is impressive. Will it be making the rounds to the Lego conventions?
    (Seeing “$5500” shows me that this guy is dedicated!)

  2. Will Will

    Great Odin’s Raven! Wish I had that kinda’ dough! Anyone have a rich and single sister? :{

  3. Mark Kelso

    Benedikt’s stuff is always amazing, but this one takes the prize. A beautiful job on the proportions and subtle curvature of this ship. Just fantastic!

  4. peterlmorris

    I saw this on Brickshelf today and wondered about it. I wondered, “Why haven’t I seen this stuff before?”

    Pretty dang amazing, but I ain’t going to MOCPages to look at it. Good thing BS is still around.

  5. Dr. X

    Superb. I’ve always loved the Mon Cal Cruisers; this LEGO version is certainly no exception. And the lighting up is awesome.

  6. the enigma that is badger

    That is completely and utter breathtaking. Like, Dr. X, I’m a huge fan of the Mon Cal starships, and this is easily the most impressive LEGO version of one that I’ve ever seen. Accurate beyond imagination, the size leaves me speechless, and the lighting that’s been incorporated into it makes an already spectacular MOC all the more impressive.

    Beautiful work! Hopefully this makes it to a convention, and I’ll be able to appreciate it first hand!

  7. Will Thomas

    That last pic looks like a photoshopped rendering, but the fact that it’s 100% real is amazing. Kudoos.

  8. Ramone

    Some one needs to curate a showing of giant Star Wars MOCs with this and the mega-sized Battle of Hoth diorama. This is just spectacular!

  9. obxcrew

    Whoa! I love Mon Calamari ships anyway (though, not as much as Imperial ships, admittedly), and this is downright stunning. The best creation I’ve seen that’s been posted this year, hands down. Let’s see if it can hold out as such for the rest of the year. ;)

  10. Jai

    And, when the Mon Cal minifigs come out, I fully expect a minifig-sized version of this behemoth. ;)

  11. T-Ben

    Thanks for the kind words Nannan, I love your stuff, and thanks to the others for your positive comments!

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