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LEGO Micro-Chess

I’m a sucker for LEGO chess sets. I’ve built several myself and once you get going, it is hard to stop. This miniature set, by Matt Armstrong has a deceptively simple quality to it. The pieces are all made from the micro trophy figure, from the Collectible Minifigure series, and at first glace are nearly indistinguishable from one another. However, the bases of the chess pieces are just different enough that one can tell the various pieces apart at a glance. Now I want to go make some more chess sets…

Lego micro-chess

RAILBRICKS Issue 9 is out

RAILBRICKS Issue 9 Image The good folks at RAILBRICKS have just released the 9th issue of their excellent free e-zine.

This issue focuses on trams but, as usual, there’s plenty of articles for LEGO train fans and LEGO builders in general including

  • Catenary design
  • PFS Lights
  • Building relief structures (facades)

The low-res PDF can be found here (RAILBRICKS are having issues – try here for an online copy) but the site contains links to other formats.


Not all giant robots play with guns

Douglas Adams once said that most sensible citizens of the galaxy find cricket to be in rather bad taste. But that’s earthlings for you. Not one to leave well-enough alone, Mark Stafford takes the game to a new level by adding giant robotic suits to the mix. I wish the PCA would get behind this idea. I’d actually watch the game then.