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The Black Death by Baggins

Baggins has entered a rather morbid little scene in the Colossal Castle Contest IV. Other than lots of dead bodies, it includes a well-built tudor house, a sweet lokking burial pit, and a number of well-posed mini-figs.

Check out the Plague-infested gallery.

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Entrance to Caves by Nathan Todd

The newest creation by Nathan (aka Norro) is easily the best creation I have seen in years. The fanstastic cliff-side tavern, incredible landscaping, and plethora of detail renders this reviewer speechless (well, almost).

When you view this gallery, make sure you have some time, because its 32 pics are going to suck you in. So grab a cup of coffee, put on some music, sit back, and enjoy the Entrance to the Caves!

Cliff-side Gallery

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Pegasus Knight by Yours Truly

Well, here I am, tooting my own horn. This is my attempt at a custom fig for the Colossal Castle Contest 4. Virtually all of it is customized, only the wings and plume are unaltered Lego. It was definitely a fun build. Hope you enjoy it!

Check out the airborne gallery.

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Arvo’s Vespa P200E

I live in Seattle and drive a Hyundai sedan. If I lived in Dublin or Madrid or Tokyo, I’d want something smaller, like a scooter. What better scooter than a Vespa? Arvo seems to agree, since he built a LEGO version of his own Vespa P200E:


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Welcome to Patrick Yrizarry’s Warp Zone

Although his brother Nelson is in no danger of losing a spot as one of the most-blogged builders here on The Brothers Brick, it’s nice to see multiple posts featuring creations from Patrick Yrizarry too!

But enough meta-blogging (there’s certainly been enough of that from me this week) — on to the LEGO!

Here’s Patrick’s “Warp Zone”:

Ahhh… I love Super Mario Bros. But now that music is stuck in my head…

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News: My minifigs on THE 9 on Yahoo!

My gallery of musical minifigs on Brickshelf was recently featured on THE 9 on Yahoo! (they’re at number 8):

Check out the gallery on Brickshelf, but I’ve been keeping the photoset on Flickr a bit more up to date. Sweet!

Thanks to Azaghal from for letting me know! I totally missed this, and didn’t even notice that the Brickshelf folder had suddenly shot up to 150,000 hits.

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Patrick Yrizarry’s Legcutus of Borg

I feel like an odd person to cover the sci-fi section sometimes – besides liking to look at spaceships, I know nothing about Star Wars, Star Trek or basically any other sci-fi series for that matter. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this fantastic sculpture made by Patrick Yrizarry depicting a certain Borg from Star Trek:

Patrick has announced it on Lugnet, so drop by to give him a comment!

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News: I’m in the news! Well, sort of.

I got an interesting e-mail this morning from Martin Jaspers (Marakoeschtra), with a couple really cool attachments:

Yup, that’s my Ministry of Silly Walks vignette featured on the front page of the business section of NRC Handelsblad (an evening newspaper in The Netherlands). Martin says that the headline reads “A futuristic police car doesn’t sell.” Well, I don’t know about that, but it’s certainly fun to see my creations “out in the wild.” Thanks Martin!

Happy holidays from Megan Rothrock!

Builder of fantastical things Megan Rothrock celebrates christmas with a hilarious comic named the gift. The link leads to the first panel so as to not spoil the surprise (like with ordinary christmas presents). Click “next” to read it through and see the opening up of a giant christmas present!

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Winners of the 5th Original Model Contest in Japan

For the past five years, LEGO specialty store Click Brick in the Odaiba shopping district of Tokyo has held an “Original Model Contest.” (Via mumu’s I Love Cute LEGO and VignetteBricks.)

You can view all of the entries in Sachiko Akinaga’s Brickshelf gallery, but Edge informs us that the winners have been announced. Here they are:

HIRO’s “Friends”:

kobachan’s “I’m Sorry Matsui”:

Mokuami’s “Brace Yourself! General Dokuro’s Tower”:

My personal favorite, Pisatake’s “Meeting Totoro at the Bus Stop in the Rain”:

Azumu’s “Dancing Cat”:

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