Vong? Vong me up!

Do you know what this is?

I can honestly say that I have no clue. Steve Vargo does, though – he claims that it is a species from a Star Wars expanded universe called Vong. No matter what though, his lego rendition of it just blew my mind. Just take a look at the imposing stature, the horns, and the snake-thing he’s holding!

Steve has got a total of 1, 2, 3, 4 pictures up at his flickr account – go check them all out!

Update: Steve now has uploaded a full brickshelf folder with lots more pictures. I’ve also been informed that these are really called Yuuzhan Vong, and were created as an enemy for the Jedi’s in the Star Wars expanded universe. The model was based on a frame made by the now dissapeared (and almost legendary in the mecha community) japanese builder Gla Gla. And I still think Steve’s LEGO rendition is excellent ;-)

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2 comments on “Vong? Vong me up!

  1. Apocalypse Never

    That is a Yuuzhan Vong Warrior holding a weapon that they use, (I can’t remember the name now) And I must say, This looks awesome!

  2. spinner11

    The vong is in the book Star Wars legacy of the Force. This was in the Ving Vong war that killed Aniken Solo, youngest son of Leia and Hon Solos kid. He is brother to the Jedi twins Jacen and Jaina Solo.

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