Colors of the Samurai by NickGreat

Cool enough to blog on a purist LEGO blog, customizer NickGreat’sColors of the Samurai” project is fantastic indeed.

Here’s Nick’s latest, the Black Samurai. I love all the kanji characters, the mask (a chopped-up Green Goblin mask), and the naginata spear:

Since I’m blogging his newest, I might as well blog his previous two samurai. Nick’s White Samurai has a shoulder decoration that also uses the Green Goblin head, and an excellent double-sword carrier thingie for her back:

Nick’s first color samurai was Red. I can’t get enough of that mask:

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11 comments on “Colors of the Samurai by NickGreat

  1. AzNTiGeR954

    I think the black samurai is in Mandarin Chinese, not Kanji Japanese~
    The uppermost character is 火, or fire, zai or 在 is the symbol for time…just thought i’d let you know…
    But anyways sweet samurai. Where did you get horses?

  2. Andrew Post author

    @AzNTiGeR954: Yes, I think you’re right that the black samurai mainly uses Chinese, though Mandarin is a spoken dialect, not a specific written form.

    But that would also have been typical of “learned” medieval Japanese people — much of pre-modern Japanese literature was written completely in Chinese (without any phonetic hiragana and katakana). So, for a samurai, one could argue that they’re still kanji. ;-)

    Horses are available in many LEGO sets, starting in the mid-1980’s (Castle sets) through today (current Castle sets and even Indiana Jones).

  3. KatanaDave

    These are really cool items! Perfect gifts for the coming Christmas season. Does anyone know where I can get these samurai lego minifigs? I honestly don’t have a talent for these things so I don’t plan to build them myself. Calling NickGreat, can you help!

  4. shatowa

    these are truly great creations noting the fact that there so good they were actually put into a lego book called “standing small”

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