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Izzo + Sugegasa’s Mecha Frame = Wicked

I don’t blog each one he posts, but it seems Sugegasa builds and uploads a new mecha just about every week — all based on a frame he designed himself. But when Izzo posts an “examination” of Izzo’s frame, combining the talents of two great mecha builders, I’ve got to post that (link, via Builder’s Block v2):

(Click for full gallery, with break-apart pictures from Izzo you can use to build your own Sugegasa mecha.)

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News: 7-year-old girl steals LEGO at knifepoint

A few days old, but amusing (well, more like disturbing) enough to be worth the wait? Let’s hope so:

Largo Police are looking for a little girl who pulled a knife on a Wal-Mart clerk as she tried to steal two boxes of Lego toy blocks…. Police say the little girl then opened her jacket and displayed a combo carving knife with a forked point and a 10″ blade, saying she was armed for protection.

(Full story, first posted by Anthony Sava on Classic-Castle Forums.)

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The Castle of El Katar by Jacob C.

Jacob has finished photographing his very impressive castle and cog and they are definitely worth checking out. From the beautiful beaches to the impressive dock, from the massive keep to the sweet brick-built ship there is a plethora of cool details to see. This builder continues to impress with his distinctive style and skills.

Check out the gallery.

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Miniature Japanese Construction Vehicles by Masahiro Yanagi

Spaces are tight and land is at a premium in Japan. Sure, there are enormous construction projects like the Akashi Kaikyo bridge (the longest suspension bridge in the world), but most projects are on a much smaller scale. Always a nation that solves just about any problem with technology, a company named Chikusui Canycom manufactures construction equipment and utility vehicles the size of golf carts and riding lawn mowers (which they also make).

Always one to build just about any real-world vehicle in LEGO, Masahiro Yanagi has recreated several of these — what other word can I use? — adorable vehicles (click for full gallery with individual pictures and action shots):

Lukas giving us a look at steampunk

Lukas has written (is in the process of writing?) a short article on what steampunk generally is considered to be. It is one of the best introductions to the theme I’ve seen lately, so I’d recommend having a look. Good work, man!

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The Gothica approaches.

A little something you might have seen in the latest issue of Brickjournal, Mark Stafford has finally put up pictures of the Gothica:

It fits in the same vein as his Big Boys Toys – lots of small stuff in a big, nice, package. Click on over and behold – there’s a lot to see there.

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