The Apogee of Skill?

I couldn’t help but steal that title from Lukas. A hilarious trend I’m seeing in my LEGO feed from Flickr lately is assembling small LEGO sets without opening the bag that the parts come in. Check out three “in-bag builds” from three builders:

Here’s Lukas:

TBB first-timer Tim Tosino:

And finally, Matt Hamann (aka jastermereel08):

Okay, so this wouldn’t work with the Star Destroyer or Death Star, but I’m going to have to try this the next time I get a small set.

EDIT: Commenters to the rescue. Matt credits Tim Gould and Jamie Neufeld as inspiration. Here are the in-bag builds that started it all — Tim’s on the left, Jamie’s on the right (click for full-size pics):

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