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An awesome pirate MOC!

Dandrew has posted a very impressive Pirate MOC on Brickshelf. It was displayed at Pirate Festival 2003:

The landscaping on the beach and cliff is very impressive, as well as the detail of the buildings. I also really liked the brick built trees and the custom sails on the smaller ship.

Check out the Brickshelf gallery!

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Josh’s grand introduction!

Hey All!

My name is Josh and I am Dunechaser’s new partner here in the Blocklog. I was very honored to be asked by him and I hope to live up to his expectations! But first, a little information about myself.

I am 32 years old and have been a Lego fan for the last 27 years or so. I am happily married to a wonderful woman who actively supports my Lego obsession. While it does seem strange to her at times, I think she is just happy that my hobby isn’t something more questionable! I became aware of the online Lego community via Lugnet in 2002 and jumped with both feet. I later joined and that is my main home in cyberspace. Now, onto the MOCs!

Welcome, Josh!

“Dunechaser’s Blocklog” has evolved quite a bit since I first launched it last year. I first envisioned it as nothing more than a showcase for my own LEGO creations, but then I just couldn’t help posting the best creations I found on sites like Brickshelf and Flickr. With so much good stuff out there, keeping up with it has become a bit of a challenge (and quite a time commitment).

To help make your experience here on this blog even better, I’m pleased to announce that Josh Wedin has joined the Blocklog team! Josh is an all-around great guy who’s active in the LEGO community, so many of you may recognize his name.

But enough from me — I’ll let Josh tell you about himself. So, welcome to the team, Josh!

Ninjas 4Evah!

I sure hope we never see the end of ninja LEGO creations. Here’s Nelson Yrizarry’s “Ninja Training Camp.” Natually, it’s totally sweet, with a secret entrance, lookout holes, and everything else a ninja clan needs to get ready for their next mission.

Be sure to check out all the pictures in the Brickshelf gallery, which includes lots of action shots of ninjas training:

Whoa — this hall is dangerous!

I was never a fan of the Resident Evil games (the controls were just too nightmarishly clumsy). But who cares — I always like to see minifigs based on video games. Richard McCarthy recently posted a batch of cool minifigs based on the series.

Here’s the S.T.A.R.S Alpha team from the original Resident Evil:

And the crew from Resident Evil 4:

Holy Batcave, book316!

Not to be outdone by the recently released, official 7783 Batcave set, Brickshelfer book316 has posted a highly detailed Batcave that incorporates many elements that should be familiar to Batman comic book fans.

Be sure to click the image below and check out the full gallery for detailed close-ups: