The Omnibus Legend of Zelda Post

The Legend of Zelda holds a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons. First, like lots of people my age, I remember playing the game back in the eighties.

Second, I’ve actually had the privilege of working on a Zelda game. So, fast forward nearly twenty years, and I land at Nintendo of America. One of the projects I worked on was Wind Waker (credits on IMDb). As a bilingual writer in the Engineering department, I was one of the first people outside the development and test groups back in Japan to play Wind Waker. I’m very proud of the fact that I wrote the world’s first walkthrough for the game, which was used as the test plan for our “debug” project. My walkthrough also served as the basis for several official strategy guides. w00t!

So, I was pleased when Lukas W.P. posted this little beauty — a “Kokiri girl” (presumably from Ocarina of Time):

That reminded me that I never posted my appreciation for Flail’s gorgeous Wind Waker creations. They made the rounds of the gamer community a while back, but here’s Link and the King of Red Lions very nicely dropped into game art (click for the full gallery):

Here’s Link picking up the big black pig:

I’ve tried my own hand at a Link minifig, but meh.

Here’s hoping Twilight Princess will inspire a whole new crop of LEGO creations.