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Malle Hawking’s LEGO Aircraft Carrier

aircraft carrier overviewThis page on a site called has been circulating the Internet of late — someone even sent the link to the “everyone” e-mail alias at my company. What’s a little frustrating about the page is that it provides no information about this amazing model — not even who built it.

flight deck Fortunately, the builder has been posting work-in-progress pics to LEGO image hosting site for quite some time now. Knowing his Brickshelf user name, Weebleleezer, I was able to find a profile on German-language LEGO site

hangar deckWith a name and e-mail address, I contacted Malle Hawking to confirm that he was the same Weebleleezer who posted the aircraft carrier to Brickshelf, and I suggested that I could post something about it here on DB. I was pleased to receive an e-mail later in the day from Malle, and he asked me to include some additional information about the model.

  • The model is of USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75).
  • It’s about 5 meters (16.4 feet) long and 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) tall.
  • It contains over 200,000 bricks and weighs over 160 kilograms (352 pounds).
  • The cost to build it was in the five digits. (Whether Euros or US dollars, that’s a lot!)
  • It’s taken over a year to build, and will be complete at the end of March ’06.
  • It has electric lights on the flight deck, in the hangar, and inside the aircraft.
  • Movable elevators and radar dishes.
  • Motorized catapult!!!

hangar deckIf you’d like to see this wonderful creation yourself, you can do so at the 1000steine-Land (TSL) event in Berlin August 18-20, 2006, and again at the end of September in Munich (Malle’s hometown). Malle also says, “Next year I’m looking forward to visit the States to show the Truman on LEGO events.” Any chance you’ll be coming to NWBrickCon, Malle? ;-)

Finally, Malle offers a dedication:

I dedicated it to the staff and families of the real “USS Harry S. Truman” and all the others who ever wanted to build one themselves.

Be sure to check out the full gallery on Brickshelf. If this is just one more set of work-in-progress photos, I can’t wait to see the finished version! Keep up the good work, Malle, and thanks for the info!

Big Ole 1656

Until LEGO released the line of big construction equipment last year, LEGO vehicles were always on the rediculously tiny side. Set 1656 Evacuation Team (released in 1991) was no exception:

Pierre Normandin and Steven Asbury have recreated this set at a scale more appropriate to the size of our beloved minifigs:

Mina the Weapon-Bunny of the Moon by nias

A miniseries on TV in Japan called “Densha Otoko” (“Train Man”) told the story of a geek who helped a woman harrassed by a drunk on the train. As a window into Japanese geek (otaku) culture, it also included snippets of the protagonist’s favorite anime, a fake show called “Getsumen To Heiki Mina” (“Mina the Weapon-Bunny of the Moon”; rabbits live on the moon — didn’t you know?).

Brickshelf user nias has built an adorable Mina, complete with her double-carrot tails (or whatever they are):


Name: Invidia
Mission: Making everything his own.
Origin: Evolved from the frog that the princess didn’t kiss.
Evil superpowers: Senses jealousy and envy in his opponents and twists those feelings to his advantage.
Notes: I made this one to express my jealousy that a certain Classic-Castle Forums member (and fellow Washingtonian) was bequeathed a large quantity of older LEGO sets. I was green with envy, thus Invidia.