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A warrior swamped in adventure

Builder Peter Ilmrud presents a legend in the making with this beautiful, and dangerous, LEGO swamp. Green. That’s the word at the forefront of describing this build, broken up by the tan interspersed throughout. It’s a bright and bold choice and works wonderfully here for this swamp teeming with life. And even with the green dominating, it’s quite nuanced in the variety used. Everything is distinct in its own right, allowing the scene to shine with all its poisonous might. There are two small things I appreciate in this build–one is the bird watching the scene below, and the other is a paint palette. Can you find it? Here’s a hint: it’s a big leaf for a short plant.

Creatures of the swamp

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A LEGO Master’s medieval masterpiece

Former Swedish LEGO Master Peter Ilmrud is known for detailed, colorful, and occasionally intricate works of art. Often times his builds feature subject matter of fantasy and bygone days. It’s hard to choose, but I think I enjoy his microscale castles best. This will be featured in a LEGO brand retail shop in Sweden, and it’s easy to see why.

Lego Store Micro Fantasy Landscape

The build catches the eye and takes you on an adventure from sea to castle spires. The real triumph is the parts usage in the castle itself. For the most part, the techniques aren’t new, but when they all come together the result is beautiful. I particularly like the techniques used on all the towers, especially stacking modified round plates and tiles back to back to achieve windows and the “stone” look. I also admire how the central helmet piece connected to the lantern element creates a particularly striking feature.

Lego Store Micro Fantasy Landscape

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