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Open the gates!

Builder Louis of Nutwood packs a lot of story in a small space in this snow-covered castle scene. This is part 8 of a wonderful ongoing series by Louis, and not only is it visually interesting, but there’s a written component that accompanies each part of the heroes’ journey.

Svalg Keep

In this chapter, a pair of weary travelers, one in dire circumstances, arrive at Svalg Keep to seek help from its residents. The castle is nicely sculpted and I really like the way it seems to spill off of the confines of the base. The small wooden structures are a fitting addition and do a great job of breaking up the mostly gray and white color palette of the castle. Adding more color to the proceedings are the snow-laden trees utilizing fall colors on their branches. It can be hard to work in a limited number of colors, but Louis excels at it here.
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Evil George seals the fate of a family of innocent mice

I ain’t gonna lie, I’m calling it as I see it. I see a character with a side profile eerily similar to George Lucas. And it seems like he’s trapped a family of mice in the crawlspaces behind the wall by not only cutting off their food supply but sealing their fate to starve, behind an inescapable wall. I guess George is just bored these days with little to look forward to since he sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. If you’re wondering where builder Nick Sweetman got those sand-green wall patterned bricks, they’re pretty rare, since the piece only appeared in a single LEGO set, 76062 Batman Classic TV Series Batcave.

Who Ya Going Call ? Mice Busters

A life told in bricks, one step at a time

Talented LEGO artist Dave Kaleta has been producing large dioramas at “Miniland” scale for several years, illustrating key moments of his life, from his first date, wedding, and pregnancy announcement with his wife to the first months with a new baby. Dave has updated his series with another first — a flashback to the first steps of the toddler we first met still in his crib two years ago.

One Small Step

Titled “One Small Step,” the scene is full of life and detail, including realistic details like the electric heater plugged in to the wall next to the fireplace. But it’s the people and animals who truly bring this scene alive — mom lets go of the baby as dad waits for him across the room, with a cat and dog in the background cheering the little guy on.

The adventures of Odge Dadam on Nam Chorios

Over the past few weeks, Adam Dodge has been cranking out near-daily updates to a brick-built LEGO storyline set in the Star Wars universe. With fourteen separate scenes depicting the discovery of a crashed A-wing and its resurrection as a rather beautiful “ugly” that incorporates an Imperial TIE fighter cockpit and New Republic E-wing engines.

Among the wreckage...

When I first ran across the first couple photos, I reached out to Adam to ask if he was starting a series, and he confirmed that he was and even promised to finish the story within the month. With the series complete, I’m pleased to bring you the full story of Odge Dadam and his remarkable escape from Nam Chorios. The sequence of photos tells the story wonderfully, but be sure to click through and read the little backstory that accompanies each new phase of our hero’s adventure.

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