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I think I’ll have the Butter Burger with Brick Cheese.

There are a lot of important questions facing the world right now. One that keeps coming up in particular is “Who’s hungry?” Steven Stelter has a suggestion: Maybe you should head to Culver’s for a burger and shake combo. This brick-built beauty beacons you from the highway to delight in the realistic ductwork on the roof, the colorful brickwork, and the custom stickers that ensure you know just where you’ll be blowing that diet of yours.

LEGO Culvers

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Burger of the Day: the “block” angus burger (made out of LEGO)

As a die-hard fan of the show Bob’s Burgers, I’m constantly on the hunt for LEGO constructions honoring the cartoon. And this excellent lime and yellow fa├žade cooked up by Steven Stelter has got to be one of the best I’ve come across. All of the intricate brickwork to create the designs around the second story windows is spot-on to the show’s intro. All it needs is a pun-inscribed pest control van pulling up to the curb. It’s a masterclass in plate spacing and clean lines, heavily relying on the 1×2 jumper plate to create a sight that’s speaks to me like Bob does to the Thanksgiving turkey. With a lit interior, and a huge picture window showing off the bar inside, there’s a lot of depth here to uncover. And that tiny tree design right off the front stoop is almost as cute as Little King Trashmouth!

Bob's Burgers LEGO MOC

Beyond what’s visible through the front window, the interior is fully decked-out, complete with a custom sticker for the iconic Burger of the Day chalkboard. The whole scene is something worthy of Coasters magazine, for sure!

Bob's Burgers LEGO MOC