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Monkey sea, monkey do

Here’s a bit of toy nostalgia for you. Remember the Sea-Monkeys? What, before you time? Well, how about the glorious days of LEGO’s X-Pods? Still no? Well, just work with me here. Brandon Jones has created a wonderful tribute to questionable comic-book marketing with this aquarium made from stacked X-pod containers. It has the look of a water cooler – but you probably don’t want to top off your glass with water from this tank. The quality brick-built castle is offset by just a touch of greenery, with red horn elements serving as the brine shrimp of legend.  The craggy rock of the display stand elevates the build in both a literal and physical sense. Too bad the real Sea-Monkey kits weren’t nearly this amazing.

Sea-Monkeys (1)

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Wow, that is one shrimp of a submarine

When I think about alternate uses for a large formed part like an airplane cockpit, shrimp-shaped-submarine pincers is not the first thing to come to mind. But I guess that’s what sets
apart from all the rest. And that’s not the only nice part usage on this undersea vessel that brings new meaning to the phrase “shrimp boat.” Look closely at the top of the sub to find a starfish-shaped hubcap serving as a forward hatch.


What kind of crew would you expect to be piloting this shrimp-sub? Look inside to see hermit crab crewmen wearing sailor caps… too cute.

The ultimate To-Go order

Getting your food delivered is usually a nice treat, but Ivan Martynov adds an element of danger to things. Rotor Shrimp may make you think twice about ordering that shrimp tempura. But if you do decide risk it, maybe you’ll get to see this LEGO beauty up close. I really like the segregation of colors in the dark tan and grey, and the triangular clip plates on the propeller pods create a really lovely shape. Meanwhile, the mix of round orange tiles and modified plates add just the right pop of color to keep this from being a drab build. You have to wonder, though, did this creature use those tiny legs to build this exo-suit? That seems like it would have taken a really long time.

Rotor Shrimp

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