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A real estate opportunity you’ll want to snap up

Love traveling, but hate the act of leaving home? Consider buying a plot on the Wandering Mountain, courtesy of builder Level_Bell. This mobile monolith has an urban center that’s always on the move. With a magnificent castle, scenic waterfalls, and a bustling mining industry, there’s always something to keep you busy. And you never know what you’ll see outside your window, because the surrounding scenery is constantly changing. Whatever direction our ancient tortoise god decides to go in is where you’ll call home. Inquire today because this exciting opportunity is going fast! Well, as fast as a tortoise walks, at any rate…

The Wandering Mountain

Wow, that is one shrimp of a submarine

When I think about alternate uses for a large formed part like an airplane cockpit, shrimp-shaped-submarine pincers is not the first thing to come to mind. But I guess that’s what sets
apart from all the rest. And that’s not the only nice part usage on this undersea vessel that brings new meaning to the phrase “shrimp boat.” Look closely at the top of the sub to find a starfish-shaped hubcap serving as a forward hatch.


What kind of crew would you expect to be piloting this shrimp-sub? Look inside to see hermit crab crewmen wearing sailor caps… too cute.