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A spaceship in the mech-ing

Imagining what kind of cool new ships can be added to the classic LEGO Space theme is always fun. This spaceship from Shiu makes for an awesome addition to those imaginings! The shaping of the ship has a lot of fun lines and angles to catch the eye. There’s some excellent greebling going on throughout, including the evergreen minifig roller skate. Personally, I appreciate the texture the jet engine insert provides to the laser cannons. Another fine detail is the pilot’s harness. Usually builds don’t have the room for something like that. Now, something you might be wondering is why so much bulk in the wings? There could no doubt be a variety of answers to that question, but for this build the answer is transformational!

LL-505 Galaxy Fighter

The star-fighter converts into a mech-fighter! The wings split into the arms and legs of a stylish, and spacefaring, mech. The nose of the ship swings down to allow for forward clearance, something it can do after the beast of a blaster is in the mech’s grip. Usually a space explorer has to leave their ship to adventure planet-side, but not with this ship! The whole thing can help scout out new locations and set up base camps. Truly an all-in-one spaceship.

LL-505 Galaxy Fighter

Would you press a button for me, please?

You don’t need to be claustrophobic to dislike elevators: they are poky, boring, and often painfully slow. But it doesn’t stop there. Depending on where you are going, an elevator ride can be much more unbearable. Look at this industrial-grade platform built by shiu. Although this diorama isn’t very tall, the combination of smooth panels creates a perfect impression of a facility buried hundreds of feet beneath the ground. And take a close look at the minifigures — I love how they tell a piece of the story unfolding there. Any ideas what happened… or is about to happen?