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In Star Wars, X stands for X-Tra Clean

When I think about the rebel fleet from Star Wars, “dirty and ragtag” are usually the watchwords. “Clean and sleek” don’t usually come to mind. But, as we saw with the Millennium Falcon from Solo, even the grubbiest vessels were once showroom-new. That’s what I like about this LEGO X-Wing from Sam K Bricks. Complete with redesigned triangular engines, this modification of the base design feels right at home in that blue sky. The additions of some front-facing sensors on tail fins change the shaping of the nose to make for a more streamlined look, too. It’s probably the first time a starfighter design has made me feel…relaxed.

Triangle engine X-wing

If you like your X-Wings a bit more on the used side, be sure to check out another featured variation of Sam’s, this time with square engines.

Star Wars X-Wing squared

Do you love the X-Wing but think those round engines have a bit too much sass for your parochial, straight-laced sensibilities? Do you fancy yourself as a square peg trying to fit in an increasingly round world? Then consider yourself and my odd premise vindicated, Jeb! Your day of reckoning has come because Sam K Bricks has answered your prayers and outfitted this X-Wing with honest to goodness squared-off engines a Shaker could have designed. In the Star Wars universe many ships, Rebel ones in particular, were pieced together from whatever they could find so it would make sense someone would customize their X-Wing in this manner. I bet the pilot is a real straight-shooter with a name like Rusty or Dwight who loves his mama and apple pie but probably wouldn’t try anything weird like focaccia bread. Even the Astromech droid has a head as straight and flat as an Illinois wheat field.

T-65 Engine Variant X-wing

I really like the flashes of sand green and marigold yellow but I am someone who stays up past sundown listening to that rock and/or roll the kids like so much so you should probably take my opinions with a grain of salt.