In Star Wars, X stands for X-Tra Clean

When I think about the rebel fleet from Star Wars, “dirty and ragtag” are usually the watchwords. “Clean and sleek” don’t usually come to mind. But, as we saw with the Millennium Falcon from Solo, even the grubbiest vessels were once showroom-new. That’s what I like about this LEGO X-Wing from Sam K Bricks. Complete with redesigned triangular engines, this modification of the base design feels right at home in that blue sky. The additions of some front-facing sensors on tail fins change the shaping of the nose to make for a more streamlined look, too. It’s probably the first time a starfighter design has made me feel…relaxed.

Triangle engine X-wing

If you like your X-Wings a bit more on the used side, be sure to check out another featured variation of Sam’s, this time with square engines.

2 comments on “In Star Wars, X stands for X-Tra Clean

  1. CoffeeJedi

    It looks like one of the racing ships from Star Wars Resistance (which included all sorts of modified and repainted star fighter parts), but I don’t think it’s one of the official designs from the show.

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