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Lotus 97/T

This LEGO version of the iconic Lotus 97/T by Robson M is so good, you don’t want to come up with a witty title for the post. If you are not familiar with Formula 1 history, this is the car Ayrton Senna raced to win his first ever Formula 1 victory back in 1985. Back then racing cars were smaller and the designs were much simpler, with less aerodynamic elements. Maybe it’s the choice of LEGO elements, but there’s something in this build as if it was straight from that epoch. Neat execution of stickers is a massive bonus, along with tiny bevel LEGO Technic gears inside the wheels. What a lovely touch!

Lotus 97/T

A nice armored addition to your caravan

When you are venturing into potentially hostile territory and you don’t want your team to be vulnerable to an ambush, better bring the right tool for the job, like this light armored vehicle by Robson M which sports some heavy plating to keep your crew in one piece. The vehicle has some great details, like the hinge plates used for the forward hatch covers, and dual antennas for calling in reinforcements.

Light Armored Vehicle

Besides the main canon, there’s also a top-mounted.30 caliber machine gun, judging by the stacked profile bricks on the back, with custom stickers. Plus, there’s even a shovel for digging a grave for your enemies, or a less glorious but still much-needed latrine, for your other business.

Light Armored Vehicle

Used car for sale: 1971 plates. Buyer must collect. Price: $9.5m

It’s the most expensive car ever made, and although four models were manufactured originally, only one remains on the planet. Three Lunar Roving Vehicles were carried to the Moon on Apollo missions 15, 16, and 17, with one spare kept behind on Earth. Those four aluminium-framed buggies cost a grand total of $38m back in 1971, making each of the four worth nearly $10m back then. You have to imagine if someone were to salvage the buggies from the lunar surface now, these things would be priceless. If you fancy a Lunar Vehicle of your own, it’s probably not worth saving up, and consider rather taking a leaf out of Robson M‘s book and building a LEGO version.

LEGO Apollo 15 16 17 Moon Buggy

This is a cracking little LEGO model — relatively simple construction, but immediately recognisable with just enough detail to capture its inspiration. And the presentation is top-notch, perfectly echoing the high-contrast photos of the Apollo missions. My only gripe? Those rubber tyres. The real LRV had aluminium mesh wheels to cope with the extremes of temperature and to throw off the lunar dust. But tyres aside, I still want one of these to go with my 10266 Lunar Lander set — turning it from a depiction of the first manned landing, into one of those last trips (for now) which we took to our nearest celestial neighbour.

This convoy is armed and armored and ready for action

Building a properly scaled motor vehicle can be a challenge, considering the unnatural proportions of the LEGO minifigure. That challenge was undeniably met by Robson M who has not only built a pair of well-proportioned vehicles scaled to fit their LEGO occupants but also meet the additional challenge of making the convoy military armored vehicles. I was thoroughly impressed by the Humvee (on the left), and the Oshkosh M-ATV (on the right) based on the build alone, but when I looked up the reference material, I was even more impressed by so many amazing details captured in plastic.

Humvee & Oshkosh M-ATV

For the Humvee, I think my favorite detail, besides the front grill, is the round tile for the air intake on the front right fender. The Oshkosh features a roof-mounted armored turret with a gun, and there is plenty of room in the back for any extra gear needed. I bet there is even room for a case or two of MRE rations.

U-Pull, We-Haul

If you find yourself stressed out about a big move, why not procrastinate in the best way possible and build a LEGO moving truck? Robson M’s “U-Pull” truck looks delightful with its rear doors open, perfect for loading all your minifigure belongings. The design and name of the truck are clearly inspired by those iconic U-Haul trucks often seen while driving along North American highways. The U-Haul company is famous for the region-specific artwork gracing the back sides of its trucks, and Robson M’s “U-Pull” follows suit with an African-themed Duplo motif.

Moving Truck - "U-Pull"

Robson’s vehicle looks great from both angles and fits nicely in front of Assembly Square.

Moving Truck - "U-Pull"

Series 62 Cadillac: building an American classic

When you think of the classic American car there’s a good chance you’ll be dreaming about the Series 62 Cadillac. This large scale LEGO version built by Robson M is a brick-perfect rendition of an automobile icon. As in real life it’s all about the lines, which have been perfectly formed here, with special attention being given to the emblematic fins.

Cadillac Series 62

Incorporating full interior, opening doors and trunk, the model is a love letter to vintage Americana, and one of the finest LEGO Cadillacs I’ve seen.

Cadillac Series 62