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A pottery studio in the sky

This LEGO creation by Abe Fortier has it all; great textures, excellent parts usage, and a fantastic color scheme. Lately, I’ve been interested in creative spaces that are separate from the home such as a detached art or music studio or even a LEGO building space. So this scored points for being a pottery studio and even more awesome points for being a floating pottery studio. I totally want a pottery studio now, which is interesting considering the only thing I know about pottery is the vase you are spinning can sometimes be ruined by an overly handsy and shirtless Patrick Swayze if that movie Ghost is to be believed. But still, who wouldn’t want that? In a floating studio, no less!

Floating Pottery Studio

Abe says he pushed himself with the rockwork, tree, different angles, and the use of unusual colors. I just hope he didn’t push himself over the edge of that floating studio because that would be a mess to clean up. Or would it? I suppose he’d just float off until he arrived at Patrick Swayze’s floating bungalow or something.

Harry’s Pottery shop accident

Someone just had to make a LEGO pottery shop called Harry’s Pottery. It just had to be done! It somehow surprised me it took this long, but it is here! And it looks lovely. This building by Maxim Baybakov features a lot of grey walls. Thanks to the architectural details added the walls do not look dull at all. This LEGO building reminds me of some of the stores in older European cities that have glass façades with elaborate wooden frames. From the first floor up, the building style changes and the house from that floor up looks completely different.

Harry's Pottery

Making round bay windows to accommodate the corner round window part looks like it was quite the challenge, and I would love a breakdown of that part of the build — it is either made with interesting building techniques, or it is full of cleverly used parts and the build is actually quite simple. Speaking of cleverly used pieces, the quarter round tile for roof shingles works perfectly. What really makes this build special is the little humoristic scene in front of the window. Although the minifigure in question might disagree with me on that.