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Stunning pixel dragon breathes pixelated fire

Formed in a pixel art style, FukuTaku has created this fabulous looking dragon. The build is based on Dragonlord, from the Dragon Quest games. There’s a real sense of heat coming from the model, with fire erupting out of the dragon’s mouth. The warm colour scheme of the stomach also contrasts nicely against purples and pinks of the body. You can tell this model must have required a lot of planning by the large amount of 1×1 plates used in its construction. This build adds so much more detail to the original design in a colourful and vibrant way.

This is what you call a pop-up

One of the themes I wish LEGO would pick up is the cyberpunk theme. The visibility of segregation between rich and poor is something that always strikes my interest. The same goes for this latest build by Swestar. We can see a clear separation between the poor and the rich. The world is filled with neon signs. These have been made with an assortment of tiles to create LEGO letters. The result is stunning. We get references to Tron and Atari and a lot of other references that are lost on me because I am not much of a gamer.


The best thing about this beautiful build is the fact that the triangular sign which features retro game characters can actually spin. Check out the video.

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