Stunning pixel dragon breathes pixelated fire

Formed in a pixel art style, FukuTaku has created this fabulous looking dragon. The build is based on Dragonlord, from the Dragon Quest games. There’s a real sense of heat coming from the model, with fire erupting out of the dragon’s mouth. The warm colour scheme of the stomach also contrasts nicely against purples and pinks of the body. You can tell this model must have required a lot of planning by the large amount of 1×1 plates used in its construction. This build adds so much more detail to the original design in a colourful and vibrant way.

1 comment on “Stunning pixel dragon breathes pixelated fire

  1. hntrains

    That must have taken a lot of time to build – unless, of course, a program was used. Spectacular enough for children to like it right away.
    The transparent props are on the bummer side; surely a different solution could have been found to keep the build in that position?!

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