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A genius Medieval Modular Street. Or is it ingenious?

As it turns out, I’m a genius. Do you know how I know? I took one of those online quizzes that said, “only geniuses can solve this puzzle.” I solved it in no time, and fifty clicks later, after giving them my date of birth and credit card info, they told me I was a genius, so in your face, jerks! Once you recover from that sick burn, you might take a look at this new LEGO Midievel Modular Street built by Peeters Kevin who is clearly an absolute genius and not just because the internet says so. This is chock full of thoughtful details, from the archways to the ramshackle roofline. Even the little birdhouse is genius. Or is it ingenious?

Medieval Modular Street

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Castle of Dreamers

Oh, castles. Though the LEGO Group did pretty well with the classic yellow brick, fans of LEGO have taken it to new levels. Textured castle walls with ornate and abstract embellishments stand as works of art that emulate life in medieval times through a fantastical lens. Builder Kevin Peeters is one such detailed builder whose models grab the eye and immerse you in a level of realism often sought after. Here he brings us his dream castle, a towering keep with fine carpentry perched on rocks and surrounded by water. Let’s check out this dollhouse-style model that Kevin calls Krylhan Castle.

Krylhan Castle

The outer portions of the model show off various techniques from the masonry of the walls to the angles and insets of the wooden residential sections, Kevin shows us that he knows the system well. Tank treads are used in the main windows, with wheels used in the chimney above. Offset and layered plates help achieve a textured and curved look for the rooves. The display base makes for a great anchor into the world around the castle while still allowing the focus to be on its tall, slim, ornate construction.

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Smoke and cloak

The two most immediately eye-catching bits on this scene are the smoke and cloaks–well, capes, actually; 8 to be exact. Kevin Peeters does a nice job incorporating them into this lovely windmill. But that’s not the only great part about this build. The cobbled-together look of the stone building and rooftops makes for a great medieval homestead.

Medieval Windmill

The foliage, including the fall-colored tree in the back are also nicely done. But my favorite part might just be the white snake element used for the wisp of smoke from the chimney, a technique we never tire of.

Medieval Windmill

If you’re a fan of the medieval theme, check out some other cool architecture, like a seaside market, floating castle, hero’s cottage, or micro kingdom.