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The Big Ma.K

Well I think Sean & Steph Mayo (Siercon and Coral) win the prize for making me laugh the hardest at any LEGO model! I love a good play on words at the best of times, but you mix that with Maschinen Krieger during Ma.Ktoberfest…and you know I am gonna like it :D

The Big MaK

And you simply must watch the commercial!

Well played guys, very well played!!

I would link to the Creations for Charity site for those that may be interested in buying this glorious creation…but too late, I already bought it for myself!

If these are walkers...I want to get old!

So maybe I am a leg man…at least when it comes to ficticious 28th century machines.

Today’s feature is all about delicious stompy goodness. And since Hallowe’en is just around the corner it is rather convenient that in the Ma.K world these also tend to be creepy as well :D

Chris Maddison goes old school with a pod…that just so happens to have a nice sprinkling of Maschinen Krieger thrown in!


The legs go ALL the way up on artpants’ Sandpiper! And at the top is a fantastic pile of parts combinations!


Bartosz superbly puts his unique style on the Raubtier, which is nicely balanced between comical and mildly creepy.

Ma.K  Raubtier  a

Now the next three are all great examples of the creative twist you can put on a common source material.

Keith Goldman not only provided the official quote of the Ma.K bricks group, but he also built this awesome HAF Ausfseher.

HAF Aufseher [1/3]

A Yates has been producing a tonne of great stuff, but his Nacht-Kafer really stands out for me. The shapes achieved are just fantastic!

[Ma.K]  Nacht-Käfer

Fateheart FINALLY builds some Maschinen Krieger stuff…and I knew he would do it gloriously…his HAFS Super Gladiator doesn’t disappoint…unless of course you are the one that is being shot at :)

HAFS Super Gladiator

Nothing like a bespoke suit...

As Ma.Ktober has progressed, the most wonderous thing has happened…builders from all over have been creating Maschinen Krieger hardsuits of all shapes, sizes and colours. Considering that the hardsuits are the most prominent piece of hardware within the universe, it really isn’t surprising that there have been so many this month. But the quality and creative twists taken is certainly a nice surprise. Here are some of my favourites.

Will Page uses the Rebel Vanguard helmets to brilliant effect on his space-based suit.

Ma.K Monday

_Tiler’s Fatboy is wonderfully adorable, I just want to rub it’s little belly. The fact that it is so shiny helps too :)

T05 "Fatboy"

Tim Zarki goes to a larger scale to achieve a fantastically accurate representation of the bad to the bone SAFS Snake Eye.

SAFS Space Type II "Snake Eye"

D-Town Cracka also utilizes the Vanguard helmets, as well as, one of my favourite elements (the Bionicle mask/visor thingamajig) to create this AFS Skinhead…wouldn’t want to face this guy in a snowball fight!


Vincent also goes to a larger scale to build one of my favourite Ma.K suits, the Kauz. The slightly odd colourscheme looks fantastic…and I can’t get enough of hearts!!

Ma.k KAUZ 01

And last but not least, Nate Decastro produced an awesomely creative design in his SAFS Shogun…and presented it in a very Maschinen Kriegery way…

SAFS space-type SHOGUN

I really wish I could feature all the fantastic creations being submitted, but that would possibly be the longest blog post ever. So I will instead urge you all to peruse the brilliance in the Ma.K Bricks pool

The beauty of being LEGOLIZED!!!

I sadly have not had the time to neither participate in Ma.Ktoberfest as I had hoped, nor to blog the awesome creations from everyone else. So over the final week of the festivities I will try and make more of an effort to at least rectify the latter by featuring some of my favourites.

First up is LEGOLIZE IT MAN, who has been churning out some absolutely brilliant designs for the build challenge. Both the quality of the models, and the style of presentation have put a huge smile on my face everytime he posts something new.

His latest, the AZ ULF – Moon Bull is wonderfully hulking creation that bristles with a glorious combination of smooth curves and mechanical detail! Delicious stuff!


His Svend Repair Mech is a perfectly haphazard design with some great angles going on.


And lastly, his Moon-Squito has to be one of my favourite models posted this year. It just captures the Maschinen Krieger aesthetic so perfectly!


Please be sure to click through his Ma.Ktoberfest 2012 set to see his other great creations, and alternate views



I am very happy to announce that the month of Ma.Ktober is upon us, and as a result Ma.Ktoberfest has begun! I would like to invite all LEGO maniacs out there to partake in what I like to call, the Ma.Ktoberfestivities. Come on over to the Ma.K Bricks group to peruse the goings on. This year we are hoping to get a bunch of participation of all sorts. There are no requirements or rules, except to have fun and build something based on, or inspired by, the Maschinen Krieger Universe. For those that aren’t 100% sure what exactly that is, there is some good links and background info in the group. So whether you feel like building a small vehicle, hardsuit, or even a large diorama…we would absolutely love to see what you come up with. This isn’t a contest, but a month long build challenge with the hope of inspiring a tonne of fantastic builds!

Anyone that would like to see their creation on the month-end poster, please submit a single clear photo to the entry thread. (You must join the group to do so). Once again, Official AFOL Poster creator, Pascal has offered to do the poster…so please go easy on the poor guy and don’t put too many antennas and dangly bits on your models ;)

Also be sure to pick up your official Ma.Ktoberfest t-shirt. The fantastic design was done by my buddy Victor Vercesi. You rule V!


Huge thanks, high fives, and hugs to my other buddy Stijn for designing the rockin’ announcement poster…I highly suggest that everyone surround themselves with awesome graphic designers like I have done :D

Can someone please get that goat off the road!

I think the reason that Maschinen Krieger is such a fantastic genre to build in, is the fact that it combines so many different styles within it’s design aesthetic. Many military builders out there will tell you that WWII era SAS & LRDG had some of the coolest kit. These guys had only themselves to rely on and as a result had to take everything but the kitchen sink with them. One Ma.K unit in particular that hearkens back to this style is the Sandstalker.

I have always been extremely envious of the amount of detail that actual Ma.K model builders can get in their models, so in an attempt to get a fraction of that amount of detail I decided to try my hand at a Sandstalker. I figured it was a perfect blank canvas to strap a bunch of junk to…

Sdh.224LR Sandstalker

Please feel free to check out the Photo Set

And for those interested…Ma.Ktoberfest is fast approaching, stay tuned for further details

Look out! Melusines are falling from the sky!

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for what might possibly become a large influx of Maschinen Krieger geekery on my part over the next couple of months.

Apparently when it rains it pours…because today there has been two Melusine hardsuits posted by two different Flickr members. The Melusine has to be one of my favourite Ma.K suits simply because of it’s odd proportions. So seeing these two posts absolutely made my day!

First one was done by Logan (CaptainInfinity), and is a perfect accompaniment to his SAFS Raccoon that I featured the other day.

Ma.K Melusine

As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t going to post Logan’s after seeing it this morning because I didn’t want people to think that all I am going to feature are his Ma.K suits. But when LEGOLIZE IT MAN posted his CAD version, enough was enough…I just couldn’t resist any longer.

melusine take 1

The thing I love about both of these builds, is that they have each used very different buiding techniques and styles to represent the source material. Both are unique, yet still are very recognizable.

Now, I promise that I will make sure that I post other things besides just Ma.K creations…

Is that Ma.K I smell?!?

Those that know me, know that I love Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K). However, it had been a while since I built anything in the style (about 8 or 9 months actually). Well my tweaking began shortly after I posted Logan’s updated Fireball. Then when he posted his minifig scale SAFS Raccoon…well I completely fell off the wagon at that point.

Ma.k Racoon

His brilliant design really got me itchin’ to build a suit that was more of a proper scale compared to minifigs than what my previous designs achieved. And as a small ode to Tim Gould’s original, I thought I would try and replicate his look (because his really is responsible for introducing me to the genre years ago). After some quick LEGO playing before bedtime with my son tonight we came up with a pretty fun little design that should be relatively easy to replicate in different variations…I have to say that I am quite pleased with the result actually :)


For those interested, I also did a fun little stop motion instructional video :P

EDIT: Pascal (pasukaru76) has now created instructions in LDraw.

So needless to say, I think it is a safe bet that I will be producing more Ma.K deliciousness in the near future…stay tuned!


Logan (CaptainInfinity) knows just what puts a smile on my face! He has just updated his previous SAFS Space Type Fireball with some new hardware and cool little base. I haven’t built any Maschinen Krieger stuff for quite some time…but this makes me tweak!

Ma.k Fireball Dio

I love that rocket firing…but the ‘title’ on the base just makes me giggle :D

Best Ma.K. Starfighters announced

Space FalkeThe winners of the Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K.) Starfighter contest have just been announced. In the words of its creator TR Brownbridge (.Tromas),

One last thing…I think I can speak for Tim & Peter when I say this…this was without a doubt the best line up of contest entries that we have ever seen. You have no idea how hard it was for me (us) to narrow it down to a final 10 let alone final 3. Everyone of you should be super proud of your entries!!

First place went to Robiwan Kenobi’s Neuntöter which has already been blogged here

In second place was the Space Falke by Gregory Haga (The Lantern Rouge)

Third place went to Mountain King with his Dragonfly

5The quality of the entries was absolutely superb. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting many people at all to capture the Ma.K. vibe (as I see it) and was utterly blown away but how many people did, and how well they did it. We really had a a hard time even narrowing down the final entries and picking a winner was a real challenge. Make sure you go to the entry thread to understand why we had such a hard time.

One thing we all agreed on is that John Judy’s (neim343) entry was both amazing and ineligible. While the paint took it up a notch it did breach the rules that no model should be painted, merely parts. But we all felt it needed honourable mention as it wouldn’t look out of place on the winners podium of a ‘real’ Ma.K. contest without being restricted to LEGO.

Finally the “Heart Tile” award for best use of an existing printed LEGO brick had to go to Tyler Clites’ (legohaulic) Höllenhound. The zebra tile was odd yet looked great and was thus a natural winner.