An apple a day keeps the Strahl away.

Andy Baumgart (D-Town Cracka) is no stranger to military hardware. But his latest creation has a little sci-fi twist of the Maschinen Krieger variety. And it is rather brilliant.

Mercenary A-793 'Apple Cart'

The rough and tumble detailing coupled with the custom paint job/stickers makes this look right at home in the Ma.K universe. Even the name is perfectly suited for the genre.

And check out this blueprint edit…how cool is this?!

Mercenary A-793 'Apple Cart' Blueprint

4 comments on “An apple a day keeps the Strahl away.

  1. dtowncracka

    “An apple a day keeps the Strahl away!” – Ha!
    I should be hiring you to come up with slogans!! ;)
    Thanks for the sweet, sweet bloggage, dude!!
    Ma.Ktober FTW!!!!!!

  2. dtowncracka

    ^ In Kow’s universe, I always thought the ‘Dollhouse’ stuck out like a sore thumb. But since it’s canon, who am I to argue?!
    Tracked vehicles excite Me, so what the Hell? The ‘Apple Cart’ was born. Quite frankly, I’d rather drive this around than that ‘Dollhouse’ any day.

  3. gambort

    ^ As far as I can tell the Doll House is a non-Kow kitbash and thus non-canon. Pretty sure Kow never did a tracked vehicle himself. And yours is definitely a nicer design than Doll House (or for that matter some of the canon), which is a masterful kitbash but not the prettiest.

    I should put it on record that I’m a bit of a Kow purist. I’ve seen very few non-Kow kitbashes that I think of as really fitting his universe.

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