Now that is a whole lotta Ma.K!

Ok, last post I promise…

Pascal just posted the final poster of all the Ma.Ktoberfest entries. Huge thanks to him for the amount of effort doing all that editting!

So what is my opinion on this past month? One word, “WOW!”

When I first planned on organizing the build challenge, I figured there would be a decent amount of participation, but the sheer number of builds and the quality thereof absolutely exceeded all expectations. It really was neat to sit back and watch so many builders get in on the fun. So gigantic thank you to all that participated, it was an absolute blast!


MaKtoberfest 2012 Poster

2 comments on “Now that is a whole lotta Ma.K!

  1. Erunaamo

    This was a blast, all right! There’s nothing to sharpen your skills like trying to keep up with dozens of great builders in a challenging style!

    Thanks so much for organizing this!

  2. Eklund

    I am definitely impressed by the level of participation that was achieved, and was glad I was able to get out of my comfort zone and participate too.

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