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First look at the new Disney Little Mermaid BrickHeadz and more [News]

BrickHeadz is going under the sea, as today LEGO has published pictures of this new pair of characters from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Ariel and Ursula are joining Beauty and the Beast in bringing classic Disney tales to the collectible figure theme. 41623 Ariel & Ursula will have 361 pieces and will be numbered 64 and 65 in the BrickHeadz series, and although there’s no definitive word yet on the pricing, we expect it to be on par with previous two-packs. LEGO’s also given us a better look at the new BrickHeadz from Frozen that we announced last week, now including the box art. Check it all out below.

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Brickheadz that dwell under the sea

Builder Swan Dutchman has a knack for making brick things cute. Featured here are the 3 key characters from Disney’s Little Mermaid with Ariel, King Triton, Ursula. What’s more to say that these are almost perfect in the representation of colours and features and build. They’re so friendly to the point where even you’d want to be friends with evil Ursula. You may also want to check these cuddly builds by the Dutchman from the animal kingdom.

BrickHeadz: The Little Mermaid

BrickHeadz: Ursula

BrickHeadz: King Triton