Brickheadz that dwell under the sea

Builder Swan Dutchman has a knack for making brick things cute. Featured here are the 3 key characters from Disney’s Little Mermaid with Ariel, King Triton, Ursula. What’s more to say that these are almost perfect in the representation of colours and features and build. They’re so friendly to the point where even you’d want to be friends with evil Ursula. You may also want to check these cuddly builds by the Dutchman from the animal kingdom.

BrickHeadz: The Little Mermaid

BrickHeadz: Ursula

BrickHeadz: King Triton

1 comment on “Brickheadz that dwell under the sea

  1. Rachel

    These are fantastic. I love that Ariel’s tail mimics her minfig form from the blind bags.

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