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Come and explore this epic LEGO Futuron moon base

Classic LEGO space isn’t just limited to blue spaceships with yellow canopies, you know. It may be the longest-lived and most recognizable of the many Space sub-themes, but as LegoMathijs proves, a build can be just as awe-inspiring in the Futuron setting! Futuron was the first Space theme to get its own moniker. It’s also where the iconic 6990 Monorail Transport System is from. So it’s perhaps no surprise to find these familiar monorail tracks in Terra Station Z too.


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Keep on logging, Mr. Spijkhoven

Some legends just keep on trucking. This LEGO creation by LegoMathijs is a model of a KrAZ-255, a rough and tumble off-road truck that was in production from 1967 to 1994. That real-life inspiration alone is enough to call this build legendary and with excellent detailing and suitably rugged terrain, that would be an apt moniker for it. But this model is also inspired by Ingmar Spijkhoven. More than a year after his passing, other builders are still finding inspiration from the pivotal truck builder. It just goes to show that some legends never die, really. I’m smitten and I think Ingmar would be too.