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Keep on logging, Mr. Spijkhoven

Some legends just keep on trucking. This LEGO creation by LegoMathijs is a model of a KrAZ-255, a rough and tumble off-road truck that was in production from 1967 to 1994. That real-life inspiration alone is enough to call this build legendary and with excellent detailing and suitably rugged terrain, that would be an apt moniker for it. But this model is also inspired by Ingmar Spijkhoven. More than a year after his passing, other builders are still finding inspiration from the pivotal truck builder. It just goes to show that some legends never die, really. I’m smitten and I think Ingmar would be too.


Keep on truckin’, Ingmar

Earlier this month we had featured a remembrance for Ingmar Spijkhoven, a LEGO truck builder who recently succumbed to ALS. The LEGO world, and particularly a small group of close-knit Dutch scale modelers, lost a good friend and a passionate builder. Dennis Glaasker built a fitting tribute to Ingmar in a way he would have loved. He took Igmar’s own “TR11” chemical tank trailer design and decked it out in shiny custom chrome bricks and then fitted it with a Peterbilt 389 tractor. The tractor is equipped with two Power functions XL engines for drive, and one servo for steering. It is controlled by an SBrick and powered by a 9.6 Volt battery pack which is located in the sleeper unit. The truck (and trailer) have custom stickers, and a fully modeled engine bay and interior.

The Ingmar Tribute: Peterbilt 389 with TR11 Chemical Tanker (1:17 in Lego)

This wasn’t so much an achievement for Dennis alone, but rather a culmination of the group of friends who wanted to pay tribute to Ingmar. Ingmar saw some work in progress photos and was honored and delighted by the idea but had unfortunately passed a week before completion of this model. A rear shot features the photographer reflected in the gleaming chrome tank trailer but also a clear view of the special custom license plate that adorns both the front and rear of the model. I think Ingmar would approve.

The Ingmar Tribute: Peterbilt 389 with TR11 Chemical Tanker (1:17 in Lego)

In memory of Ingmar Spijkhoven [News]

Our friends over at The LEGO Car Blog have shared sad news with us today. Legendary builder Ingmar Spijkhoven has lost his battle against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He is best known for building highly detailed trucks and has been featured here several times, the latest being an incredible 18-wheeler and trailer. His work has even been published in The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling.

ALS currently has no cure, with sufferers expected to live no more than five years from diagnosis. (Dr. Stephen Hawking was perhaps the most notable exception). You can learn how to help fight this debilitating disease through the ALS Foundation.

Igmar was an inspiration to many of us and will surely be missed.