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Half-Life 2 Combine Strider by thire5

While most of us have been busy playing Portal 2, Martin Latta (thire5) isn’t one to leave a great Valve game like Half-Life 2 behind!

Martin’s Combine Strider is sure to strike fear into every Resistance fighter, even if they’re armed with rocket launchers.

Half-Life 2 Combine Strider

Good doggy

Arkov continues his series of Orange Box LEGO creations with Dog from Half-Life 2:

LEGO Half-Life 2 Dog robot

Why yes, it is Miniland scale.

LEGO Gordon Freeman rampages through Half Life 2 Nova Prospekt

ORRANGE has been playing Half-Life 2.

There are lots of details to check out in this diorama, including several custom minifigs (note Gordon Freeman himself and the poor dude parasitized by a headcrab).

Half Life 2 inspired Dodge

Adrian Florea replicates the “Jalopy” car from Half Life 2, which has the appearance of a partially built and customized 1969 Dodge Charger. Take some time to absorb all the gutted details, especially in the hood area. The model seems to feature a working steering system as well.

Wake up and smell the ashes...

That’s Gordon Freeman from Half Life by Minifig Customization Network member Viking Maniac. The torso and legs are stickered, and the gun is by BrickArms. Read more in the MCN.