LEGO Gordon Freeman rampages through Half Life 2 Nova Prospekt

ORRANGE has been playing Half-Life 2.

There are lots of details to check out in this diorama, including several custom minifigs (note Gordon Freeman himself and the poor dude parasitized by a headcrab).

5 comments on “LEGO Gordon Freeman rampages through Half Life 2 Nova Prospekt

  1. zkee

    Woah, awesome. In fact, is there anything cooler than HL in LEGO bricks? :) I like this a lot, have been scavenging the HL LEGO combo just about anywhere on the AFOL nets, and indeed this builder is exceptionally good at capturing the game’s look and feel in brick language, be it with a little plasticine touch.

    It’s too bad actually that no bricks seem to available in the current pallette resembling the headcrab and combine mugs this well.

    I really like this, and seeing this now on TBB, it makes me wonder why it never got blogged earlier. Serves me right, I should have proposed it much earlier.


  2. eti

    The hole in the floor is really convincing, very well done.
    For the rest it’s probably a reference to a film I don’t know?

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