Ninigi-no-Mikoto arrives bearing gifts

Finding a cool set of names for a series of LEGO creations can be hard. RAMM builders take advantage of the German propensity for concatenation, while Jacob (Memory) has been borrowing from Japanese mythology for his decidedly futuristic walker.

3 comments on “Ninigi-no-Mikoto arrives bearing gifts

  1. Jacob

    Wow, thanks! You know, there’s a version of that picture without the shadow in the corner in the Brickshelf folder. I know, I’m looking the gift horse in the mouth, but it just bugs the crap out if me that I uploaded that picture to flickr without seeing the flaw. :D

  2. Jacob

    … Now I’m gazing down the esophagus. I meant I had edited and re-uploaded the first picture in the gallery. Plus, I just noticed the shadow in this one too. I’m never doing my post-production on my old PowerBook again.

    Okay, now you can ban me. P:

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