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This Clone Wars model is blasting off

This cleverly constructed build is a collaboration between Hp Bricks, who designed the head, and Glenn Tanner, who built the rest. The model shows the helmet and part of the torso of Gar Saxon, from the Clone Wars tv series. The aggressive style of the armour has been captured through the use of angled pieces which creates sharp and protruding details. The explosive fire from the jetpack provides the model with a unique aesthetic as normally body busts can be quite static. It’s probably not the focus of the build but there are ice cream parts in grey at the stand of the build representing smoke clouds from the jetpack. We don’t often see a head and torso sculpt like this in action, so this model is a welcome treat.

This is the Batman (conversion) we deserve [Instructions]

When the LEGO DC comes 76182 Batman Cowl was first revealed, something felt a little off, well to me at least. Builder Glen Tanner fixed it well and fixed it well with some inspiration from the 40386 Brick Sketches: Batman.

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