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This Viking build tells its own story

Ross Fisher continues his LEGO Viking tale in his latest build, in which Viking raiders are repelled, leaving the survivors to take stock in the pouring rain. And let’s take a look at that rain; It’s rare to see the clear aerial used to such great effect as it is here, with the heavy rain adding an extra layer to both the landscape and emotion of the scene.

Legacy chapter 3: a soon parting

The minifigures are displayed under the shadow of a giant’s skull, adding a foreboding presence to the build. The giant’s helm is wonderfully constructed too, taking its shape from a hull piece that effortlessly presents the Viking-style helmet we’re all familiar with. The whole build is then presented on a hovercraft base, adding a nice display to this build.

I always enjoy seeing the inventive use of LEGO parts that Ross employs, and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes this adventure next!

Behemoth bricks are the best builds

It’s so common anymore to see any owner of a 3D printer making their own large-scale LEGO pieces. But it takes some real skill to make those huge parts using LEGO itself! Just take a look at these jumbo pieces by Flickr master-builder Purplesprout458. I love his daring use of bricks to build up the walls of each model. It’s amazing he was able to achieve that kind of shaping given the limitations of the blocky medium! I mean, those 6×6 studs almost look as round as the real thing! And don’t even get me started on how he managed to source all the yellow brick needed for the giant 1×6 plate. With all the other shades of yellow out there right now, it’s so hard to come by!

Four 10x Bricks

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to talk about color choice, here. When working on large, single-color LEGO models like this, it’s essential that the shade remain consistent throughout. This is usually a painstaking process, finding those bricks and plates that are the same exact version of red, blue, yellow, and black for each model. In some instances, this can require a builder’s collection to be sorted not only by part and color but also by year of manufacture. Purplesprout has managed to steer clear of the off-color and brittle blue parts from 2007 when making that gorgeous blue brick. And there’s not a printed or stickered piece to be found on that giant 4×4 black plate. All four mammoth blocks are immaculate, and such an excellent display of builder prowess. Well done!

Aye, there’s a castlehead for you

There’s trainheads and castleheads, but usually it’s meant to refer to fans of the various LEGO themes. However, here’s a build that takes it quite literally. Designed by Corvus Auriac, this 5,400-piece microscale model depicts a castle built on a rock that might be a little more alive than its builders suspected. It’s packed with lovely details from the dragon burninating the town to the tiny wizard tower sprouting out of the side of the castle’s tallest roof. Do yourself a favor and give this one a close look, as you’ll be rewarded with lots of clever parts usages. One of my favorites is also the one used most here: most of the trees are made from dark green minifigure epaulets stacked on each other.

Fantasy Diorama

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the bricks of an Englishman!

I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head when I saw this cut-scene of a large bearded brick monster having a go at the castle themed minifigures fighting for their lives. Gotta hand it to Paddy Bricksplitter not just for the overall action-filled scene, but my favourite is the weaponry — the catapult built with a bent hose for its bow arm. The details of the still-protruding shaft sticking out of the giant’s arm while bleeding is simply ingenious and well thought out.

Big Trouble